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VoIP allows you to have your phone line on the internet and seamlessly tie in data, video conferencing, wireless, instant messaging, and other communication tools and applications.

VoIP will save you money and provide you with Star Trek flexibility. You can sit at your desk at home and dial an extension that rings overseas. Or you can dial straight into the telephony system of another client. Brazil, China, Texas- anywhere in the world, you are connected. It works on VoIP telephones and smartphones, providing unparalleled mobility and features.   That’s sweet.


Keep your business connected

Give your business the gift of easy, flexible communication systems with VoIP telephony from the Millennium Group. We exploit modern technology to bring communication solutions to small and medium-sized businesses that were once the costly preserve of large corporations.

Our VoIP packages are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your firm and come with aftercare support to help you put their features to best use in business. You’ll find them easier to use than expected, and they will make communications between your staff and clients a breeze. Our predictable billing packages cut nasty surprise invoices.

Which Voip System is Right For You

Here’s what you need to know about VoIP to decide if it’s right for your business.


  • VoIP has come a long way.  Today’s VoIP service has evolved and allows you to make and receive calls using standard phones or, even better, feature-rich IP phones. Sound quality has vastly improved, too.
  • Using VoIP can significantly reduce your costs. Operating costs for VoIP service providers are significantly lower than for traditional phone companies, which must contend with the existing, expensive-to-maintain phone infrastructure and costly industry regulations. With lower expenses, VoIP providers can charge much less than their competitors.
  • VoIP service makes your phone system highly flexible.  Take your phone system with you, talk on your laptop, get virtual phone numbers, get voice mail and faxes with your email, and increase your productivity.  In a recent survey conducted by Sage Research, the increased productivity enabled by internet telephony added up to 3.9 hours per week, per employee.
  • Allows you to use call forwarding. If the power goes out, your computer network may go down–taking your VoIP service with it (unless you have a generator or other alternative power source). For backup, configure your VoIP service to automatically forward unanswered calls to a cell or landline number.
  • VoIP services can be tailored for small or large businesses.  You can also test it out with a few users rather than switch at once.
  • VoIP doesn’t stop evolving and offering persuasive new benefits.  
  • It levels the playing field by providing the same affordable and flexible technology that large competitors have

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