Remote PC Repair is just a few clicks away

Follow the instructions below for technical support
We fix these common computer problems:
  • Scan and remove viruses from computers
  • Speed up slow performing computers
  • Test for failing hard drive
  • Remove annoying Popups and Ads
  • Uninstall any unwanted software from your PC
  • Diagnose and repair Registry Errors
  • Troubleshooting software errors
  • Fix internet connectivity issues



  • CLICK the “DOWNLOAD SUPPORT” button above to DOWNLOAD the software to your computer (preferably your desktop).
  • Confirm all dialogue boxes by pressing “yes” or “next” and accepting all the terms.
  • Once the program opens, locate the ten (10) digit ID number. (We cannot access your computer without this number.)
  • Wait for further instruction.
  • After you have downloaded the software and received your 10-digit ID, you can call us at: 970-663-1200.


Charges: The cost for Remote PC Repair is $2.00/min. with a 15 minute minimum. A remote session is defined by a phone or computer connection with tech support. REMEMBER TO GET YOUR 10-DIGIT ID BEFORE CONNECTING OR CALLING.

Security: Millennium Group ensures that you and your data are always safe and respected.

Technicians: Click Here