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Computer technology services you can count on. Millennium group can manage your network, build and host your website, install wireless networks and 3CX VoIP phone systems.

Computer Technology Services

computer technology services include managed IT phone services voip 3cx cylance website design development graphic design digital online marketing support technology repair install installation wifi

Protect, Maintain, Optimize

Managed IT

Protect and optimize your business network 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We constantly monitor your system, push updates, and ensure that every machine is working to its top capacity. Don’t let technology hold you back – let it propel you forward.

millennium group computer technology services managed IT phone services voip 3cx cylance website design development graphic design digital online marketing support technology repair install installation wi-fi wifi

VoIp Phones & Fast, Reliable Wifi

Phone & WiFi Installation

Increase efficiency, lower costs and deliver your clients a superior experience with our custom wired, lightning fast Wi-Fi and VoIP phone installation. We are certified 3CX professionals ready to get your location up to speed.

Computer technology services from millennium group managed IT phone services voip 3cx cylance website design development graphic design digital online marketing support technology repair install installation wi-fi wifi

Don't Become a Victim

Computer Security & Repair

Protect your data and your business from cyber crime and ransomware with top of the line products like Cylance. If something does go wrong, we have the capability to repair your machine and put you back into control.

Computer Technology Services from Millennium Group include website and graphic design.

Captivate Your Audience

Website & Graphic Design

Step up the face of your business with a clean, inviting website. We create high speed, functional, and responsive websites. Let us handle all of your website needs, from domain name registration and website building to graphic or written content and hosting.

“Millennium Group, what all can I say about this fantastic, smooth operating, and steadfast business. The Millennium Group has helped myself and my companies for over 8 years. The level of professionalism and expertise is beyond that of any other IT company I have worked with in the past. I have always been able to communicate clearly with each member of the staff as to what my problem is and they are almost immediate with a remedy. The owner/operator Andy and Jinx are a great help as Andy has even made trips out to our site to install server(s) and ensure that all of our equipment is optimized. Jinx is a gem and always breaching new zeniths of customer service and always has the kindest demeanor even when you are stressed and in dire need. The way they operate is off of friendliness and with your utmost care in mind. Having them as part of my IT solution has increased productivity and eased a lot of tech-ache in difficult times. I can not recommend them enough. You are not with the right team unless you are with Millennium.” – Brandon Watkins

“Where do you want to go? And how do you know you’re getting there?  These are the questions that the Millennium Group asked me about my business and its technology needs.  They listened to me and helped me think.  I think more clearly because of their service to us.  They go the extra mile in ways I would never have imagined a computer company could do, and it has helped my business mature and grow.” – Steve Upland

“The Millennium Group is responsive, knowledgeable, and enlightening.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Managed IT for their business or technology for their homes.  Andy Pizer and his staff represent the best of what a service provider should practice.” – Tom Ruzicka (MarketPartners)

“The folks at Millennium Group are thoroughly professional (they really know their stuff!) and are the nicest business people I’ve come across in a long time. They go out of their way to help with whatever issues I may be having, and I am not what you would call technologically adept. They are always patient and helpful and regularly send e-mails to inform their clients of computer news, including any threatening new viruses. I recommend them to all my friends and acquaintances.” – Google User

“Millennium Group takes care of our company’s technology, top to bottom.  We had used other companies for Managed IT but were always discouraged when they wouldn’t answer their phones or respond rapidly to our emergencies.  Andy Pizer and his superb staff don’t miss a beat.  The service is prompt and they take the time to think with us, protect us and advise us in a generative, productive and intelligent way.  They truly make up for all the IT companies out there, and I don’t say that lightly.” – Google User

“Empathy, relevance, and affinity — these are the core concepts that the Millennium Group uses to connect to their clients.   Andy Pizer and his staff have become my compass for technology.  They give a damn.  It’s that simple.  The newsletters they send out, written by Jinx Davis, do more than just advise, warn and educate you about technology –they tell rich stories that deepen their readers about the strange new world we now inhabit.” – Randy Hoffman

“Millennium Group offers both tangible and intangible benefits.  Yes, they do a fine job with your computers, WiFi, websites and all the other myriad pieces of technology, but they also offer something more elusive.  Perhaps it is their candidness, their genuine greetings and conversations, their energy or their perspectives on work and life.  I am not sure what it is- all I know is that they make me feel as if they see me.  Actually, see me.  Find another computer company that can do that.” – Adrienne Richland

“I live in Washington, DC. It’s great to have the Millenium Group only a phone call away! They dial into my computer and fix things remotely. They have always been very professional, responsive and helpful. I appreciate their patience as I try to learn how to backup and protect my system. I have sent others to them, as well. I hope you stay doing this forever!” – Google User

“Andy Pizer has gathered a staff of highly motivated, friendly and intelligent folks who honor the meaning of customer service.  We would wholeheartedly encourage businesses to rely on the Millennium Group to meet their marketing, technical, networking or computer needs.” – Bryce Dallman

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