VoIP Phone Services

An illustration of a VoIP phone with a Wi-Fi symbol above

VoIP System Setup
Support & Training

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service allows you to have your phone line on the internet and seamlessly tie in data, video conferencing, wireless, instant messaging, and other communication tools.

The cost runs lower than most phone providers, and VoIP allows you to tailor the system to your business. We will tailor the plan to your firm’s requirements, big or small, with unlimited extensions. We can even help you connect multiple offices and branches through the same system. You can sit at your desk at home and dial an extension that rings overseas. Or you can phone straight into the telephone system of another client. It works on VoIP telephones and smartphones, providing unparalleled mobility and features.

We are certified providers for 3CX, and we offer installation, support and training to help you put the features to the best use. We make sure our VoIP service is easy to use and will make communications between your staff and clients a breeze. A survey conducted by Sage Research found that employee productivity increased with the use of VoIP features, adding 3.9 hours a week of work productivity per employee! Our predictable billing packages will also put an end to high phone bills as we use our own built servers for your system. Call us today!