How to Build a Gaming PC

Have you ever wondered how to build a custom PC? In this video we show you how to install an X570 motherboard, Ryzen R7 5800X processor and Corsair RAM.

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Curved Vs Flat Monitors

Curved Vs Flat Monitors

Today we are going to discuss curved vs flat monitors. Deciding on which monitor to choose for your home PC is quite the choice. When it comes to computer monitors, you have many options, but the main starting point is whether you want a flat monitor or a curved monitor.

A flat monitor is a traditional choice and what most people are used to owning. It is less expensive for larger screen sizes on a flat monitor. Curved monitors typically cover a person’s peripheral vision, so a curved screen of the same size will appear more prominent. Curved monitors offer a better color profile depending on the work you are trying to perform.

It would be best to consider the refresh rate when discussing gaming, not work-related performance. Typically a flat monitor is cheaper and easier to obtain a higher refresh rate when compared to a curved monitor. It solely depends on user preference regarding curved vs flat monitors and gaming. The refresh rate is the top deciding factor when buying a gaming monitor. Keep in mind that as the screen size goes up, the refresh gets harder to keep as high as possible.

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Choosing The Right CPU

Choosing The Right CPU

Choosing the right CPU to fit your build and the motherboard can be challenging. Knowing which CPU chip will fit into the motherboard is something you need to learn when building your computer or replacing parts. On top of that, when building a computer, you must make sure the motherboard, CPU, graphics card, etc. all sync together and will work properly.

Getting a CPU chip and a motherboard to match up is the key to getting a quality platform for your build. One of the big things to keep in mind is the brand of the CPU and the motherboard. For example, an AMD CPU will not work with an Intel motherboard and the reverse order. Your best option is to pick the CPU or the motherboard, then research the best pick to pair with your chosen option. This will ensure that when you set them up, you have clean connections and no issues later down the road.

Another factor to look at when choosing the right CPU is the generation of the chip. The current generation of CPU chips is 12th. The 13th generation will be released later this year. Just because a chip is an I7 or an I9 does not necessarily mean it is better than an I5. Depending on the generation of the two chips, the I5 could be a better-performing chip. This difference is something to keep in when selecting your CPU.

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Wifi & Network Solutions

Wifi & Network Solutions

Today we will be discussing wifi and network solutions. A robust and reliable internet is crucial to keeping your business running efficiently. There are a plethora of different network solutions that will allow you to utilize your computers exactly how you need them.

The most common answer is using a modem with wifi built-in or a router to give out a wifi signal that your computer can connect. Utilizing this option allows for the network’s quickest and most reliable source. You can see the modem and router, so you will know if you have any issues. You can also use a CAT-5 cable and run directly from the modem to the computer. This solution is the most solid and speedy option for the internet.

Another option is a VPN, where your PC remotely accesses another server, and you work remotely from that signal. No matter what your computer needs, there is a network solution that will streamline your needs. This option is a good solution when the main office or workspace is in another state as the main office and server. This solution allows someone to work on that server like they were directly in that office.

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Cable Management Do’s And Dont’s

Cable Management

Before Millennium Group

Cable Management

Before Millennium Group

Today we will discuss cable management do’s and dont’s. Cable management is not essential to how a computer operates, but it makes a huge difference when you need to do something with your computer and know which cables are which. Unfortunately, having a tangled mess of wires is very hard to work with, but neat and clean, managed cables makes finding the right one easy. There are many ways and solutions to set up cables and manage them.

Cable Management is the first step to a well-maintained PC. It may seem unnecessary to most, but this is a crucial step to maintaining your computer and all your equipment correctly. The priority is to find the exact wire you are trying to find without fiddling with a rat’s nest of cables. Keeping all your cords organized by video, audio, and data transfer is an excellent place to start when organizing.

There are a ton of solutions that you can implement that will make your life easier. You will get a laundry list of different products and solutions if you Google cable management. The most important thing to remember is to choose the option that makes the most sense to you. There are simple solutions like velcro wraps, and you can go more custom with cord hiders that attach to the wall and allow you to paint them.

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External Storage Uses & Benefits

External Storage Uses &

Today we will discuss external storage uses and benefits. External storage is an excellent option if you want to expand your storage, but it also allows you to move large quantities of data quickly. There are various external storage options, including size, space, and speed. Choosing the best choice for your computer and needs is essential to ensure the drive will handle it.

Deciding on which external storage to go with solely depends on your needs. These storage devices come in sizes ranging from 512 megabytes to 10 terabytes. The size will also dictate how much you will spend, but you can get large-sized storage for an affordable price. This makes the external storage uses and benefits depend solely on you.

Another defining feature of external storage devices is SSD vs. HDD. SSD stands for Solid State Drive, whereas an HDD is a Hard Disk Drive. The most significant difference between these two drives is that an SSD is roughly twice as fast as an HDD. Again, This entirely depends on what you will use the drive for and how it functions.

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How To Avoid Phishing Attacks

How To Avoid Phishing Attacks

Today we will discuss how to avoid phishing attacks. Phishing Attacks can come in many different forms, but the end goal is to get your information. You have to be aware and pay close attention to the emails you are opening and the websites you are going to. Take a look at the link above on the picture to view a few different articles that will help you identify various phishing attacks.

One of the biggest things you can do to protect yourself from phishing is to up your defense. Setting up accounts with multi-factor authentications and updating your software will help you avoid phishing attacks. You can also install security software like anti-virus protection to help filter out and prevent attacks. Another successful solution would be to back up your data so that you have your data in the unlikely case you get attacked.

Another good habit to get into is avoiding clicking or following any links in emails you are unfamiliar with. The most prominent way hackers get your info is by making you follow a link they have set up, where they will lure you into entering your information. If you question whether something is legitimate, then you need to not click on the email and follow the link. You should only follow links if you know the person or the email comes from an official source.

Phishing attack attempts are so common anymore that everyone has probably seen one without realizing what it was. Contact us if you are worried about an email; we can help guide you.

How To Avoid The Microsoft Defender Scam

How To Avoid The Microsoft Defender Scam

Today we will discuss how to avoid the Microsoft Defender scam. Email and pop-up scams are becoming more and more regular as the reach of the internet grows. Staying aware and knowledgeable is your greatest weapon against these scams. Various scams exist, and scammers are clever and use real-feeling pop-ups and emails to get your information and scam you. One of these more popular scams is the Windows Defender scam, which is what we will help you understand today.

The Pop-Up

Look at the picture above, and you can see what this attack looks like, so you know what to avoid. The pop-up may look like an actual Microsoft window, but this is most certainly an attack on your computer. The most significant way to know that this is not legitimate is this it will block all other functions of your computer and take the whole screen up. An actual Microsoft window will never take control of your computer like that. This is the most crucial step in how to avoid the Microsoft Defender scam.

What To Do

If you receive this pop-up, it is important not to click on any links or buttons and not call the phone number attached to it. Leave your computer exactly as it is, and give us a call here at Millennium Group while it is up, and we will take care of it for you without having to worry about infecting your computer. We can install software that will block ads of this nature so you will be safe in the future.

It is also important to note that your computer is not infected, or your data is at risk just by receiving the pop-up. Lastly, the only real danger comes from clicking links or calling the phone number at the bottom.

If you run into something suspicious like this, call us, and we can help you figure out the problem and fix it! We are happy to help you set up the software to protect you in the future!

Setting Up A Printer

Setting Up A Printer

Setting up a printer is crucial to ensure that the printer carries out your instructions correctly. There are many factors when setting up, such as hardware, software, and settings. It is common and frequent that printers are not connected or set up correctly. Today we will discuss some tips that might help.

Hardware Installed Incorrectly

One of the most significant issues with printers is that the way it connects to the computer is incorrect. Ensuring that the cables are correct and the proper drivers installed is key to communicating correctly with the printer and computer. When setting up a new printer, double-check the manual that comes with it and follow the steps.

Software Is Incorrect

As we mentioned, drivers are crucial to making the printer run correctly. Usually, when you perform a fresh install, it will load the proper drivers, but not always. Checking the manufacturer’s website and ensuring you have the updated drivers is always a good first step.

Settings Are Incorrect

Many newer printers have many settings to make printing a breeze, but it can become overwhelming to someone with little or no tech experience. Leaving the settings at default can be an excellent place to start ensuring everything is working correctly. Refer to the owner’s manual to see what each setting does and ensure you use it correctly.

If you still have issues with your printer, call us, and we can help you figure out the problem and fix it! We are happy to help you set up a new or existing printer!

Cooling Which One?

Cooling Which One?

Deciding what kind of cooling system will work the best for your PC can sometimes be daunting. There are three main cooling times: heat sinks, fans, and liquid cooling. We will discuss the significant differences and how they apply to computers.

Heat Sinks

A heat sink is a standard temperature control component with CPUs and similar parts. A heat sink works by dissipating the heat away from the attached piece and allowing it to stay at a maintained temperature. This effect is achieved by the fact that the metal that the heat sink is made of works as a conductor for the heat, pulling it away from the component.


Fans are an active system running off the same power as your computer. These fans actively push the hot air away from the computer’s insides and move it to the outside of the case. Typically you will see fans in conjunction with a heat sink so that you have active and passive systems.

Liquid Cooling

Liquid cooling forces a sealed and pressured amount of liquid over the components, cooling them to a specified temperature. Typically they use distilled water as it is a thermal conductive. Liquid systems are based on an internal combustion system in cars and trucks. Liquid systems are the most efficient on the market.

If you still have issues with your computer cooling needs, call us, and we can help you figure out the problem and fix it!