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Regarded as the top IT Service provider in Loveland and accross Northern Colorado, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer technology solutions in creative and personalized ways.

Carefully managed, accurately balanced, you use technology  through every part of your business operation. From securing customers to communicating with your staff, efficient technology use is an enabler- it allows you to operate from beginning to end. As your IT partner, we help you secure and manage every component of your IT infrastructure.

Smart & Flexible IT Solutions 

Our solutions are designed with the impacts to be felt rather than seen. Everything we create and bring to the table will smartly sit alongside your existing systems.

Millennium Group has a proven record of delivering top Managed IT Services. Our computer and technology services are geared towards enhancing Business or individual productivity. We will not only adapt to your unique needs but will carry you boldly into the future.

Our IT Services


Our Managed IT Service gives you support across your entire infrastructure. Protect and optimize your business network 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our solutions will continuously monitor your system, push updates, and ensure that every unit is working to its top capacity. Everything you need in one comprehensive service.


We offer an array of security services with multiple layers of protection to keep data secure. In short, we ensure your data is free from compromise, our specialists know what to do in case of a threat, and more importantly, how to prevent one.
If something does go wrong, we can repair any issues and put you back into control.


If your brand or organization needs a distinctive identity, dynamic website, or impactful communication design, we can help you deliver just that. We create high speed, functional, and responsive websites. Even more, our solutions extend to added services such as domain name registration, graphic or written content, and hosting.


Increase efficiency, lower costs, and deliver your clients a superior experience with our custom wired, lightning-fast Wi-Fi, and VoIP phone installation. We are certified Loveland, CO-based 3CX professional engineers, and we are ready to get your location up to speed.

Client Feedback

“Millennium Group, what all can I say about this fantastic, smooth operating, and steadfast business. The Millennium Group has helped myself and my companies for over 8 years. The level of professionalism and expertise is beyond that of any other IT company I have worked with in the past. I have always been able to communicate clearly with each member of the staff as to what my problem is and they are almost immediate with a remedy. The owner/operator Andy and Jinx are a great help as Andy has even made trips out to our site to install server(s) and ensure that all of our equipment is optimized. Jinx is a gem and always breaching new zeniths of customer service and always has the kindest demeanor even when you are stressed and in dire need. The way they operate is off of friendliness and with your utmost care in mind. Having them as part of my IT solution has increased productivity and eased a lot of tech-ache in difficult times. I can not recommend them enough. You are not with the right team unless you are with Millennium.”

Brandon Watkins

“Where do you want to go? And how do you know you’re getting there?  These are the questions that the Millennium Group asked me about my business and its technology needs.  They listened to me and helped me think.  I think more clearly because of their service to us.  They go the extra mile in ways I would never have imagined a computer company could do, and it has helped my business mature and grow.”

Steve Upland

“The Millennium Group is responsive, knowledgeable, and enlightening.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for Managed IT for their business or technology for their homes.  Andy Pizer and his staff represent the best of what a service provider should practice.”

Tom RuzickaMarket Partners

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