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Computers can be prickly. Give the stress to us.

Computer repair services when you need it.

We’re not like the big chains that take your computer, plug it into a back room, and let overseas techs work on it in a dark sweat room. And we certainly are not your neighbor who thinks he knows all about computers.

We get to know you and your computer. We remember its history. We are experts by training, certification, and countless hours of hands-on experience solving software and hardware problems. Our tech room is designed for clean and efficient work, and our remote technology allows us to solve mysteries thousands of miles away.

Virus Removal

Have you ever experienced an annoying ad popup on your computer when you’re trying to access the internet? Does it seem like some of your files are slowly becoming unreadable? Did you get a message telling you to send Bitcoin to someone’s online wallet?

Contact us and we’ll check if there’s any malware on your computer. We will find and remove any files, programs, or settings that are adversely affecting your computer. We can also prevent malware from reaching your machine again.

Data Recovery

There are hundreds of reasons why your data might be inaccessible. You may only have a hard drive and need the data off of it.  Or maybe you were targeted by a ransomware virus.

If your files go missing or are destroyed, we may be able to recover them. The best solution to prevent data loss is always going to be performing regular backups, but never fear; there are other ways to bring back lost files.

Hardware & Software Repair

Does the app you’re trying to use tell you it can’t open? Is your computer suddenly running slowly? How long has it been since you’ve blown out the inside of your computer?

We offer remote support to diagnose and repair issues, as well as walk-in visits. As soon as you start telling us the symptoms, the gears are already turning in our heads to figure out solutions.


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