World Mental Health Day 2020 – Do One Small Thing

Do One Small Thing – World Mental Health Day 2020

 October 10th marks World Mental Health Day, a day that inspires us to create change and raise greater awareness around mental health issues.

This year has brought many challenges and added emotional struggles to the uncertainty that we are feeling. Perhaps in some ways, the pandemic has helped elevate the much-needed further awareness of mental wellbeing. Many of us are starting to become conscious of the issues, opening the conversations, and breaking down the stigma.

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that we never really know what another person is dealing with day by day, and that stress can affect anyone, especially those we least suspect. It has strengthened the mindset that we must look out for each other at home, work, and business.

As we observe World Mental Health Day, here at Millennium Group, we recognize that supporting our people and communities is simply what we have to do. It is fundamental for us that our customers, colleagues, and communities are healthy, both physically and mentally.

While the attitudes towards mental health are on the rise, the voices of many are still not being heard. There are still significant issues surrounding funding and accessibility to mental health care across the World. And while we cannot tackle these issues all at once, we can take small steps. Together.

“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.”

~Glenn Close

This World Mental Health Day, we are not asking you to do much – just one small thing. Setting out to make a positive change can often seem overwhelming. It may resemble a task too big to carry, with no end and no beginning. But we can all start, with one small thing.

Whether it’s opening a conversation, or simply taking the time to remember that everyone around us has their battles, that everyone’s experience is different; or that everyone deserves that weight being lifted off their shoulders – including you. Talking about mental health can give us the permission to seek help, connect with people who can relate, and take a step toward our collective wellbeing.

Let’s take this opportunity to do one small thing in supporting ourselves and those around us. Social distancing does not mean social isolation – nobody should face mental health problems alone. Why not spare a moment to check in with someone.

In a World where we can be anything, being kind really is the key. Together we can work to stop the stigma surrounding mental health challenges so many of us are facing.

Do one small thing. Take care of each other. Stay connected.

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