Raines Properties - Northern Colorado Real Estate Agent

Working With Raines Properties

We have the privilege of working with some wonderful clients and working with Raines Properties is now exception. When Marie decided that it was time for a fresh new look for her Real Estate website, she had a vision. She envisioned an innovative, purposeful site with the ability to meet her business objectives and mirror her values.

But she also had some daunting questions. How do I get my site online? How do I gather content for my site? What about responsive design? And what even is Search Engine Optimization? Quite understandably, for anyone who is not professionally involved in website design and digital marketing, the idea of building a new website can seem like a mountain to climb. It just so happens that here, at Millennium Group, we are committed to speaking our client’s language. Our mission is to connect with our clients on a personal level and explain complex ideas in simple terms. But most importantly, we love what we do. And that’s creating beautiful websites. 

What followed was a fantastic journey of collaboration and creativity. Our talented web design team worked closely and proactively with Marie to bring her visions to life. Our focus throughout was to ensure that her new website represents her dream, runs smoothly, and is developed to its full potential. With flexible maintenance and a digital marketing package, Marie can be sure that her site will be kept up to date, and her online visibility will flourish. We are thrilled to launch the new site and wish Marie all the success.

Take a look at Marie’s new website here: https://rainesproperties.com/