Windows 10 Security Patch- Your Computer is at Risk

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Maintain Your Computer’s Security

Safety and security have been the banner declaration for the death of Windows 7 and the migration to Windows 10. However, some controversy has arisen that calls into question the validity of the claim to security that accompanies Microsoft’s reinvigoration. The National Security Agency (NSA) has announced a security vulnerability found in Windows 10 that could possibly leave millions of users exposed.

The facts:

The flaw in Windows 10 could potentially allow a hacker to imitate legitimate software and run it undetected. This would make it easier for them to run malware on a liable computer. In simple terms, developers can “sign” their software, authenticating it in order to make it trustworthy when running on the Windows operating system. The flaw is found in the service that allows developers to generate these certifications; an attacker can capitalize on this in order to create forgeries that would run undetected with a mask of authenticity.

The NSA detected this security flaw and notified Microsoft of the potentially disastrous ramifications. This is the first time that the National Security Agency has publicly claimed assisting a vendor with evidence of a defect. This reflects their current effort towards swift, transparent detection of cracks in security.

The fix:

It is said that the hole was not utilized prior to the NSA’s discovery of it. They were able to move quickly in deploying the patch needed to resolve the error. The patch was first released to the U.S. Government and other important entities prior to its release to the public. The concern here being that the bug would be discovered and attackers would make use of it to target these larger establishments.

There has been a patch released to the public that re-secures Windows 10 and protects its users from vicious counterfeits that might come their way. The key is to get the patch deployed as soon as possible to ensure that you are not left vulnerable. Patches and updates may take time to install so it is best to move on this quickly.

How to patch:

Check your machine for updates as soon as possible. This service is available by logging on to the Microsoft Website or by navigating to your computers “Settings”, finding “Update & Security”, and utilizing the “Windows Update”. The patch will only work if you install it, meaning that malware can easily find its way through if you neglect or delay updating.

Friendly reminder:

If you have not yet updated your computer to Windows 10, it is recommended that you do this as soon as possible as this patch will not have been deployed for the Windows 7 operating system, leaving your machine at risk for compromise.

We know this process can be intimidating, and we are here to help. Call with any questions regarding the Windows 10 update or deploying the patch at (970) 663-1200.

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