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Why Managed IT is Coming of Age

By Andy Pizer
Millennium Group

As a small business owner, I have sometimes been trapped in my own thinking, and as a result, I have overlooked opportunities and resources that may have assisted me.  So, I get it when I hear potential clients tell me they don’t need Managed IT services, especially if they have their own IT departments or feel they are handling technology themselves.

I empathize but my experiences tell me otherwise.

The Millennium Group has been doing Managed IT for years.  We do it for clients that have only a few staff members in their business and we’ve done it for companies with 800-1000 employees in multiple offices and cities.  Our present clients exist in both our backyard and thousands of miles away in other states.  They all feel like our neighbors and colleagues.

Outsourcing IT services have straightforward benefits, but these are only the beginning.

  • Yes, it controls and reduces IT costs by allowing you to only pay for what you use when you need it and saving the expense of hiring and training an IT staff that seldom lives up to your expectations.
  • It provides (or should) qualified, experienced and well-trained individuals to listen to your needs and care for your systems. Unless you are IT trained, how do you know when an employee is qualified and has been in the trenches long enough to know how to solve and respond wisely to problems?  A good Managed IT person has been in the trenches and has seen related problems multiple times, while an in-house IT person can easily have a myopic and isolated experience, no matter how much they train.
  • A quality outsourced IT service works faster and more efficiently than in in-house staff and have the resources and knowledge to start new projects right away.  They are equipped and alert to quickly implementing new technology within a client’s budget and requirements.
  • Outsourcing providers reduce risks. They assume and manage much of this risk for you, with specific industry knowledge, especially security, and compliance issues.
  • Outsourcing can help small companies have a competitive edge. Managed IT levels the playing field and democratizes the expertise that typically only large companies enjoy.
  • Managed Service Providers (MSPs) collaborate well with business partners, owners, staff and internal IT departments. A good provider can masterfully orchestrate projects and be an excellent custodian of them, without the politics or challenges of in-house staff.
  • Managed IT services can handle a wide variety of tech elements. They audit and maintain workstations, servers, and networks; they implement security measures, handle email systems, customer relationship management (CRM) applications, and storage, backup, and recovery and network monitoring.  Best yet, they think with you and listen carefully to any pain involved in your job.  They find solutions for the pain – and they do the work so that you can do your job.

That’s the over-story of Managed IT.  Let me give you a glimpse into our story.

Clark owns Rapid Pro Tooling, an engineering company that designs manufacturing tooling.  His colleagues are smart and tech-savvy and each of them has the capability of addressing the myriad of network, software and internet issues that invariably present themselves in the course of doing business.  They could handle most things in-house but they don’t. Clark knows he will lose money and time if they do.  He needs them to do their jobs and keep their heads in their projects.  Instead, he hired us.  When anyone at the facility needs us, they just call – day or night.  When something goes down, we’re on top of it immediately -day or night.  When they need to brainstorm an idea, they call, again, day or night.  When there is a pause period in regards to thinking about technology, Clark knows we’re there in the background, remotely providing maintenance on his system to ensure everything is copasetic.  The end result is a peer-to-peer relationship of trust, accountability, and genuine good feeling.  We’re partners.  We serve each other well.  It feels damn good.

Steve’s business is over 1,000 miles from our office.  Steve stopped worrying about the fact that we were in Colorado and he was in Texas years ago.  Distance means little when his staff knows we are at their beck and call and that even in a dire emergency, we can walk them through the crisis.  Steve is in the oil and gas industry.  He honors knowledge, expertise, and timely service.  In fact, he demands it.  He uses our managed services because he was disgusted with the fact that local providers seldom answered their phones, took forever to get back to him and typically tried to sell him a line of overpriced bloated services.  Now he gets what he needs and the only thing missing is the occasional beer we’d like to share.

Carol doesn’t have the time or inclination to even think about technology in her medical clinic.  Her staff is customer service driven and fast-paced.  She just wants everything in the office to work.  Every glitch in the network, website, workstations, software, VoIP telephony, cloud services, email service, and equipment can throw a tightly scheduled day into chaos.  Carol’s mission is to take care of her clients.
She wants us to take care of her.  And we do.  We’d all rather an experienced doctor; the same is true for IT.

Our Managed IT clients cover the gamut from lawyers, land conservancies, builders, chiropractors, disaster relief providers to engineering firms, and a lot of small companies in between.  We do all we can to live up to our promise on our website and believe it describes exactly why Managed IT is coming of age:

Let us be your custodian and caretaker. We do all we can to foresee your needs, evaluate potential problems and deliver you 5-star service. We guard over your network, push out updates, test your hardware, run backups, and constantly think about how to improve your IT structure.

We get to know you. You can call us anytime. We think with you. We ride hard on standardization and best practices so that we can protect you from the creepy crawling things that hound technology.

We have the resources to solve website development, marketing, cloud services, vendor choices, VoIP telephony, peripherals, software and hardware and everything in between. We serve small companies and those with hundreds of workstation with the adept attention you deserve.

Technology is full of imperfections. We overcome them for you.