Where is the Wildlife – WWL- Responsible Global Wildlife Viewing, Sharing & Data Collecting

We’re mighty excited about our new endeavor and its Fall 2015 launch. Where is the Wildlife – WWL- Responsible Global Wildlife Viewing, Sharing & Data Collecting.

It’s simple. WWL allows you to find wildlife anywhere in the world. You share what you find. You report bad conduct. You help create a database of migration, patterns & behavior. You watch wildlife in awe…while respecting Wildlife Viewing’s Code of Conduct.


Why does the world need the WWL App?

 “In less than two human generations, population sizes of vertebrate species have dropped by half.” – World Wildlife Foundation

“What’s not complicated are the clear trends we’re seeing — 39 percent of terrestrial wildlife gone, 39 percent of marine wildlife gone, 76 percent of freshwater wildlife gone – all in the past 40 years.” – Jon Hoekstra, chief scientist at WWF

As tourists and outdoor fans seek out the wilderness, the temptations are great to get close and personal with wildlife. This is perilous to nature, creatures and people and such interactions can have lethal consequences. It is glorious and empowering to view wildlife – but it must be done with care and respect.

Where is the Wildlife’s mission is to assist people in viewing, learning and reporting about wildlife. WWL gives people the tools to do so on a platform that benefits all. Citizens worldwide can serve as good custodians of the environment by sharing experiences and reporting unsafe or violating behavior.

Together we can befriend Nature.

Explore our new site at www.WhereistheWildlife.com.  Learn how it works and how it will benefit the world.  Sign up to be in the loop and get the app as soon as it is released.  

Ah, anticipation….