Top Trends in Website Design For The Rest of 2020

top trends in website design for the rest of 2020

In today’s world, website design is more important than ever before. A business can’t just simply have a website; they need a website that is visually pleasing and easy to navigate. Without a user-friendly website, many businesses will see a loss in sales as their tech-savvy competition quickly overtakes them. Trends in website design come and go every year. But utilizing the latest trends is an excellent way for businesses to get more traffic and engagement. To learn more about the top trends in website design for the rest of 2020, continue reading.

Allow dark mode

Dark mode is proving to be a very popular choice amongst website users, with Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube offering this option. Many people prefer dark mode as it stops the glare of the screen, helping to reduce the amount of eye strain that occurs when browsing the internet. It is very easy to offer a dark mode version of your website. Simply replace light colors with greys and blacks, and offer a tab at the top of your page, which allows visitors to select between the two modes.

Video headers

One great way to make your website stand out is to use video headers. If you can show customers a video of your product or service that looks professional and visually appealing, they are far more likely to look more into it. Previously, web designers could only use static imagery on websites. While static imagery is better than none at all, videos and moving images can really help to immerse users.

Large fonts

Fonts are essential in creating a winning website. The wrong font choice can make your webpage appear messy and uncoordinated, which discourages users from viewing the rest of the site. Instead of having lots of text on your homepage in a range of different fonts, choose one bold font which really represents your brand. Have less text on your site, but choose larger text sizes to really make an impact. Headlines need to be bold and big so that they are unmissable, so keep small details for other pages on your website.

Split-screen content

Having a split screen is a great option if your webpage has more than one idea it wants to get across. By splitting the screen down the middle, you can make sure the site doesn’t look cluttered, while also conveying all the relevant information. This trend will definitely catch the attention of your website visitors, as it is done so rarely. Making each side work slightly differently will also add an edge to your website. Changing the scroll effects and adding an element at the center of the screen really mixes up the design and visual hierarchy of the page.

Lots of whitespace

A recent website trend is to maximize the amount of whitespace on your page. Whitespace is essentially the blank areas between the text and images on the site. It gives the website a spacious and uncluttered feel, providing a more minimalistic look. While some may see it as a waste of space, white space brings balance to the page, improving legibility and highlighting important design elements like call to action. A website with lots of whitespace is easier for users to navigate and learn from, improving their overall browsing experience.

The colorful nature of 2020 is already being reflected in some impressive web designs, with many more yet to emerge. Millennium Group in Loveland, CO, works with those looking for on-trend websites that reflect their brand personality. We listen, we care.

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