Tips on giving your computer some TLC

Tips on Giving Your Computer Some TLC

All computers need regular maintenance, cleaning and organizing. February is the month when we celebrate love, and there is no better time to show your computer some TLC. It’s a perfect opportunity to remove all of the unused software, files, folders, and unnecessary things that are simply taking up space. It’s time to clean out the clutter and get rid of things that you aren’t using. So here are some tips on giving your computer some TLC:


Back up your Files and Programs


Backup is the first on the list for computer maintenance and security. It’s something that all computer users should realize, yet it is often neglected. Back up regularly to a separate external hard drive designated for storage, or set up an automatic online backup service. You don’t want to lose those important business files, your kids’ videos, and the photos of your vacations. 


Declutter Your Desktop


If you can no longer see the desktop wallpaper of your beloved cat, it’s probably because your desktop is filled with various miscellaneous things. It will do your computer a world of good to drag all those items into relevant folders and delete files that are no longer needed. You can either click on the relevant file and hit delete on your keyboard, or you can drag the files into the recycling bin on your desktop. The main advantage of having a clean desktop (aside from seeing that cat wallpaper again) is that your computer starts up faster. The cleaner your desktop, the faster your computer will start up for you in the morning. 


Organize Your Files and Folders 


The best way to keep your computer organized is by having your files stored in relevant folders. Give your computer some TLC by placing specific files into properly named folders, so you can more easily find and access those files in the future. 


Remove Programs That You Don’t Use 


The chances are that you have accumulated a range of programs that you no longer find useful. Not only do these needless programs create an asset sink, but they also complicate your computer’s maintenance. To avoid this, you should regularly remove programs that you don’t use. Windows comes with a utility that makes this easy to accomplish – in your control panel, under ‘programs,’ you can ‘uninstall a program.’ You can remove anything that you don’t need, want, or aren’t’ using by clicking on the item then hit the ‘uninstall’ button, which will then perform the uninstall process. 


Keep your Operating System Updated 


When you are thinking about your computer security, you are probably thinking of antivirus, backup, and passwords. While those components are very important, so is an up-to-date Operating System. We all know that updates can take time out of our busy days, but putting them off is an unnecessary risk. An outdated system is an open door for hackers. To keep your computer in a healthy condition and keep it secure, you must maintain the Operating System by running relevant updates. 


Use Antivirus and a Firewall


Antivirus is one of the most critical pieces of software that you can have on your computer. It will protect your computer from various elements that can harm your computer and, in some cases, make it completely unusable. It would help if you had antivirus running all the time, ensuring that it is up to date. 


In addition to antivirus and other security components, you should also use a firewall. It essentially monitors and regulates the traffic between your computer and the internet. Windows comes with a firewall software called Windows Firewall, and it should be on by default.


Like most computer tools, the antivirus and firewall do their job without much interference from you. It only pops up when needed, but beyond that, you can rest assured that it’s working and helping to keep your computer safe.  


Clean Out The Dust


Computer fans clogged with dirt can cause your computer to overheat and malfunction. To clean your computer properly, you will need a can of compressed air and a microfiber cloth to remove any remaining specks of dust. It can get pretty messy, so it could be a good idea to take it outside. 

If you get stuck, check out a video we previously prepared on how to clean your computer with compressed air


Clean Your Keyboard and Mouse


Nobody likes a dirty screen or keyboard. Besides your phone, there is no better place for bacteria to accumulate than on your keyboard and mouse. 

The best thing to use to clean a computer screen is a microfiber cloth all by itself. The cloth is also useful for cleaning the outside of the case, or you can use a commercial cleaner; just make sure that it is specifically designed for electric devices. 

Use a keyboard vacuum or compressed air to clean out the dirt from your keyboard. You can then wipe the keyboard and the mouse with a disinfectant napkin. 



Final Thoughts 

We hope that you enjoyed these tips on giving your computer some TLC, and  if you need some help with your computer, feel free to contact us to have a chat about how we could help. Besides – throughout February 2021, you can receive $40 off our basic computer maintenance service and diagnostics. Click here for details.