Even if you are only familiar with the basics of computers and I.T., you have likely heard the term Firewall. You also probably have an idea of what a Firewall does; the name for one gives you a pretty big hint. But before we start looking at tips for choosing a Firewall for your business, let’s just briefly explain what exactly is a business Firewall and how it works.

What is a Firewall

Primarily, a Firewall is a security system on your network that controls the network traffic. This includes incoming and outgoing activity/ traffic, and by using your predetermined security protocols will allow or prevent certain activities. Essentially, the Firewall blocks access to untrusted networks and is designed to prevent you and others from accessing things that may harm your computers and network.  

Every business will need some form of Firewall, but there are a few things to consider before you get one. Every Firewall will be different, and therefore you need to be sure you are choosing one that is the right fit for your business. To help make this easier, we’ll be going through everything you need to think about by looking at our top 5 tips for choosing a Firewall for your business.

Hardware or Software

Many of our readers will likely have heard a Firewall mentioned on their home P.C. or laptop. But this Firewall is different from what you’ll commonly see in the workplace or a corporate environment. A Firewall can be software or hardware in design, but when it comes to choosing a Firewall for your business, it is worthwhile to consider the most suitable option for you. 

A hardware Firewall can connect to all your computers instantly, whereas most software Firewalls will need to be individually installed and linked together. Hardware Firewalls provide much more security when it comes to protecting your business from outside threats.

From a more practical perspective, they give you a much more efficient way to protect all your business computers at the same time. 

The Ability To Protect Remote Access 

Have you been working from home this year? We are willing to bet many businesses have, and due to COVID-19, many have had no choice but to change the way they operate. This has brought new risks and security challenges, which is why businesses today need to ensure their Firewalls can offer protection to people working outside the business premise.

Any Firewall you are considering should allow the utilization of VPN tunnels and site-to-site access. This will enable home workers to securely access the business network from home to continue to work no matter where they are located. Any modern Firewall should be able to do this while ensuring this access is sufficiently protected and secure.

In-Depth Monitoring 

Despite its admittedly snappy name, a Firewall is essentially a way for your network to monitor traffic to ensure everything is secure and safe. The way Firewalls can go about this varies. Still, you will want to ensure your Firewall can monitor ingoing and outgoing activity to a very in-depth degree for business security. Having a Firewall that can inspect and encrypt data can be beneficial for businesses today. Firewalls that can do this will utilize the SSL certificate to ensure everything is what it claims to be. This will help protect you from harmful malware and cyberattacks.

Website Filtering 

If you know one thing about Firewalls, they will stop you from accessing at-risk websites. What they recognize to be an at-risk website can vary, but most business owners will want to block specific sites to ensure employees can’t access them at work when it comes to your business. That is why having the ability to filter websites quickly is essential. The filter option will also help you monitor any links you receive through emails to ensure they are linked to safe websites.


Finally, let’s look at another essential online security tool, anti-virus software, and how it relates to your Firewall. While you might already have anti-virus, many businesses might choose a Firewall with its own anti-virus to be beneficial. Firewalls that possess their anti-virus scanner will be able to search websites, documents, emails, files, and more to ensure they have no risk of viruses. By choosing a Firewall with this feature, you will eliminate the need to run a separate Firewall and anti-virus. The Firewall will do both jobs to ensure your business is protected.

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