Three Reasons to Embrace the Drone Video Trend

Three Reasons to Embrace the Drone Video Trend

Like it or not, a vast portion of people respond favorably to video and choose it over other content. This fact alone should convince you to use drone videos to reach a wider audience, but if you are still on the fence, we have three compelling reasons to embrace the drone video trend.

#1 Reduce the Information Overload 

We live in an age where we have access to overwhelming amounts of information, making decisions of every kind difficult. This digital overwhelm not only drives many of us to suffer from anxiety and hurry syndrome but also leads to decision fatigue. 

But here is what’s interesting— researchers have found that while we are likely to scan and multitask when reading text or listening to the audio, we actually focus when it comes to video. If you want that all-important attention from our audience, a well-produced drone video is a way to get it.

A drone video can help your customer understand your brand within a relatively short space of time, which directly influences their buying decisions. If your audience is not clear on how you or your service can benefit them, they are unlikely to consider it.

They’ll move on to an enticing drone video that tells a compelling brand story and shows them exactly how the product or service may help them. 

#2 Gain the Edge over Your Competitors

Video is evolving at an ultra-fast pace. Think of the quality of video captured by the most tech-savvy cameras as recently as half a decade ago— now think of the quality of the video we can easily capture using our smartphones. The smartphone video is often much sharper than the older videos.

Your audience has seen traditional video time and time again. Even the most carefully considered video content doesn’t have the same impact it once did. Incorporating drone video into your marketing strategy shows your audience that you’ve got your eyes on the ball. You’re embracing the latest tech trends, and you’re willing to invest and work with a drone services provider that has the skills, experience, and the right equipment.  

If your competitors haven’t yet taken the leap with drone video, you will absolutely stand out from the crowd.

#3 Drone Video Converts

It’s undeniable that drone video converts better. It tells a captivating story and, if done well, creates an instant connection that resonates with your audience. Your brand message could produce many views, but unless those views are effective in conversions, it’s not helping your bottom line. Using a professional drone video on your homepage can help with SEO, increase your traffic and make all the difference between passive audience and active buyers.

That’s not to say your text content is insignificant. It’s important to balance text content with other media and drone video is key in doing so. If that’s not convincing enough, researchers have found that people actually expect more video content from the brands they support. 

If you want your customers to stick around long enough to get a good feel for your products or services, drone video is by far the most effective way to achieve that.

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