The Main Benefits of Dual Monitors

Benefits of Dual Monitors

Whether you are busy working hard or playing hard, a dual monitor setup can provide you with a lot more space to accomplish your goals. In this post, we are exploring what are the main benefits of dual monitors. 

What are Dual Monitors?

A dual monitor setup is one in which you use two monitors for one PC or Laptop, as opposed to just one. 

Spanning your computer’s workspace across two screens can give you much more flexibility and can help to significantly boost your productivity. 

For a while, it has been common for IT professionals and avid gamers to favor the use of more than one screen, helping them focus on more than one aspect of their task or game simultaneously. Today, however, it is much more prevalent to find office workstations being set up with dual monitors and the benefits of multiple screens being recognized in various professions.

Dual monitors can benefit many occupations. In an office setting, you can effortlessly drag some of the open tabs to your other screen, enabling you to have a case management system open on one screen while answering emails or have a webchat tab open on the other. For writers and researchers, dual screens can help by having a Word document open on one screen while referencing web pages on the other.  

What are the Main Benefits of Dual Monitors? 


Improved productivity is the most significant advantage of dual monitors. With two monitors, you have more screen space allowing you to view multiple tabs or systems simultaneously. You will no longer need to shift between the tabs to view and work on them. With two screens, you can easily drag and drop tabs or files across the workspace as required. Productivity, therefore, increases as the need to continually switch between windows is let go of. Research studies have demonstrated that productivity can increase by as much as 40% by utilizing dual screens, regardless of profession. 


If you work across various documents or spreadsheets, or on multiple applications simultaneously, switching between pages can quickly become frustrating, and result in errors. Rather than being limited to opening and closing documents or compressing several tabs on one screen, utilize the comfort of having various documents displayed side-by-side, across dual monitors. For instance, the task of extracting information from a document or a website into a case management system or into an excel spreadsheet is much easier when you are working with two screens. 


The capacity to use multiple programs side by side simultaneously is a tremendous advantage. Most of us have a workflow that comprises of more than one program. One monitor would require switching between the systems to keep things moving, whereas dual monitors will allow for smooth functioning. Checking a case management system while replying to an email, or keeping your eye on your Twitter feed is a lot easier when you have two screens. Having a second screen decreases the need to juggle between those essential parts of your job. 


When using collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom, you will not only benefit from having a reliable Webcam, but also from a dual monitor setup.  The setup will enable you to have the video of the meeting attendees on one screen while having the presentation, whiteboard, or meeting notes on the other. Having full access to the case management system and all other important files while interacting with co-workers or business partners is essential and helps to keep the workflow productive. 

Straightforward Setup

Dual monitor setup is an uncomplicated process.  As soon as you have your dual monitor workstation going, you will wonder how you got any work done with just one monitor.

It is straightforward to set up a second monitor, and it can be done relatively inexpensively; however, the steps that must be taken may vary slightly depending on your existing setup. It is always worth double-checking with an IT expert if you are unsure of the required actions. Here at Millennium Group, we are experts at setting up dual monitors and offer a range of IT services dedicated to this task. Call us today to ensure that you get the best possible performance from your equipment. 

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