snow covered tree

The Gift of Connection

Millennium Group’s Seasonal Ruminations
( and a little video, too)
by Jinx Davis and Andy Pizer

We were tardy to think about Christmas this year.  Holiday activities are easier to discard with age and there are no children in our immediate life that prompt us to shop, decorate and create magical moments.

Instead, we are letting the holidays ruminate in the back of our minds, remembering scenes from the past and allowing voices to whisper to us.  Voices that lure us to ponder how to approach forgiveness, tolerance, empathy, courage, service, charity, action, and respect in an unsettling world.

Despite the calamity and misfortune that permeates so much of the world, our tiny band at the Millennium Group is growing tighter, softer and more connected. We are practicing trust, civility, and responsibility in concert with each other and our clients.

For us, it is this connection that cradles the meaning of this season. Our clients and customers seem to understand this, too.  We behold each other.  We witness each other.  We serve each other.  We connect.

You deserve a trumpeting of our gratitude.  Each time we speak with you or greet you, you connect with us and give us the fortitude to continue working, learning, serving and sharing.

Your gifts of connection are what keeps our little business hopeful and alive.

We are toasting to you.  Cheers to you and yours.