Thankful & Grateful – Our Givings


Thanksgiving allows us to speak of our inner harvest and to direct our thoughts to the people who have kept us moving forward in our little technology business.

It matters little where you are on Thanksgiving Day, It matters little if you are with family, friends or alone. It matters little if you are having a feast or a simple sandwich on a park bench.

All that matters is appreciation and gratitude. Gratitude has the single highest correlation with well-being and yet we frequently lapse in practicing it, and our individual and collective lives pay heavily. We acknowledge these lapses. Thanksgiving allows us to re-direct and practice again what science is teaching us. Gratitude gives you more energy. Gratitude makes forgiving more graceful. Gratitude reduces depression, anxiousness and allows us to feel more connected. Gratitude provides deeper sleep and fewer headaches. Gratitude simply makes us better human beings.

Here are a few things we are grateful for in our personal and work lives.

  • We are grateful that we know the myth of Thanksgiving and can still be thankful while educating ourselves concerning the real history of America.
  • We are grateful to use this time to encourage reconciliation between our families and those who share a different history.
  • We are grateful for our co-workers: Brad, who pulls all-nighters to see clients through emergencies and who ease-fully handles stress with a whimsical smile and knowingly nods when we run amok; Marina (off on an adventure in Vietnam and Thailand) who will return with a contagious focus and deepened spirit, as well as her praiseworthy patience; Jack, with his earnest handshake, knowledge of where to find a good cup of espresso and unshaken willingness to unravel a problem; Theo, who left his Texas home to work day and night writing mind blogging complicated code to manifest a project that promises (with enough steadfastness and effort) a new beginning; Thane, who jumped off a cliff and sprouted wings with an idea that has emboldened his intellect, disciplined his skills, and solidified his dedication to taking risks towards a greater good; Andy, who finds his way through the labyrinths and the sticky balancing acts required to keep the ship afloat; and Jinx, who despite her theatrical kvetching still gets things done, even when the learning curve feels exasperating.
  • We are grateful for our clients who encourage us every day and remind us that they are aware of how hard we work and how complicated the challenges can be. They are our true colleagues in life and they affirm the goodness in serving each other, learning about each other. and freely sharing the bumps, worries, fears, heartaches, and splendid triumphs of life. Our clients encourage learning, and learning is what life asks of us.
  • We are grateful that we manage to find a connection despite increasing division and that we support each other’s personal development.
  • We are grateful that we have a lovely new office that informs us of new perspectives and reminds us that work must also be played.

This Thanksgiving, we thank you.


W I T H G R A T I T U D E ,

Millennium Group Staff

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