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Finding the right Technology for Charities and Nonprofits can be tricky. Many nonprofit organizations may not be aware that they could be saving thousands by taking advantage of technology discounts available to them. 

Microsoft offers its solutions at a substantially discounted rate (or in some cases at no cost at all) for eligible nonprofit organizations. The technology discounts for charities and nonprofits include document management systems, collaboration systems, email systems, document storage, business intelligence, and more. 

Who is eligible 

To qualify for any of the discounts, nonprofit organizations must meet five eligibility criteria:

Organizational Eligibility: Organizations must be a nonprofit or non-governmental body with recognized legal status in their respective country.

Mission Eligibility: Organizations must operate on a not-for-profit basis and have a mission to benefit the local community.

User Licensing: All nonprofit staff and volunteers are permitted to take advantage of the discounted offers; however, charitable beneficiaries, donors, and members are not eligible for nonprofit discount offers.

License Restrictions: Organizations cannot share, transfer, or resell the licenses or subscriptions with other organizations.

Non-discrimination: The nonprofits also need to meet non-discriminatory requirements. 

Here are the highlights of what’s available to eligible charities and nonprofit organizations:

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 for nonprofits is an integrated solution that brings together productivity of Office 365 with advanced security and device management capabilities in a single unified system for organizational productivity covering email, document storage, and document creation to help you manage and develop your nonprofit organization.


Microsoft Azure for nonprofits is a cloud platform that enables charities to build and manage applications in the cloud efficiently. Azure offers a unified suite of cloud services – analytics, computing, web and mobile apps, networking, storage, and more. 

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 fornonprofits features tools for sales, customer service, marketing, and operational tasks such as handling finances and human resources. Its comprehensive capabilities make it a popular choice across a range of industries, from sales to manufacturing. Still, it’s a particularly useful option for nonprofits as Dynamics 365 can be used to connect with donors and volunteers. It can also be used to empower employees, optimize processes, and drive impact.

Power BI

Nonprofits can use Power BI to transform data into visuals. These presentations can be used to help make more informed decisions. Power BI can help charities and nonprofit organizations to organize, manage, and analyze data from a variety of sources. Power BI pulls data together and processes it, and then turns it into clear insights, visually compelling chart or graph format.

We work better together.

As part of our commitment to sustaining the nonprofit sector through digital transformation, we offer technology solutions that enable and empower you to do your life-changing work. 

We recognize that you are fighting a good cause, and we support you with a robust selection of IT resources. As Microsoft’s certified partner, we can provide affordable IT services and help you make sense of the available technology discounts for charities and nonprofits to make social impact through technology. 

As a nonprofit, you are bound to make a more significant impact when you use the best technology and networks. Our goal is to empower you to innovate and accomplish your missions. It’s how we envision doing more good together. After all, our shared goal is to build a more connected world. 

Here are some of our Technology Services for Nonprofits:

  • NON-STOP PROTECTION & SUPPORT: We answer our phones, and you can call us anytime. We assist you when you need it, and we keep your nonprofit running smoothly so you can concentrate on your mission.
  • SECURITY & DATA BACKUP PLANS: Your data is the core of your business. We give you redundant backup and security solutions, so you’ll never lose your most valuable information. 
  • MAINTENANCE & OPTIMIZATION: Technology changes in a nano-second. We ensure that your IT is ahead of the curve.

Whatever your goal, let technology be an advantage in your mission. Contact us today to discuss the options available to you.

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