Range Property Management- Strong and Tenacious

Range logoSometimes a company is tested.  Really tested. Tested for their ability to endure, adapt, respond on a dime, face loss and still keep their sanity. Range Property Management is just such a company and Gene and Lisa Whannel deserve five stars beside their names.

Range Property Management is a full service management company that offers condos, cabins, apartments and spacious homes for rental needs in Estes Park and surrounding valley.  It is a given that juggling dozens and dozens of properties, as well as the toursists that rent them, is no easy matter–but they’ve had that part covered for years.  It’s a different story when collosal floods rage into your office property and you risk losing expensive equipment, data, servers, VoIP phones and everything else on the premise.

A year ago, when the historic flooding devastated parts of Colorado in unimaginable ways, the Millennium Group worked side by side with the Whannels to save their property in the midst of forceful waters that were smashing at their walls and doors.  Lisa, Gene and Andy Pizer moved rapidly to resettle into a temporary home and their phone and computer networks were re-established.  Once the waters recided, the Whannels worked feverishly to restore their property and after lots of sweat and tears the restoration was complete and the company moved back home.

Everyone thought all would be well for a while…that is until almost a year passed and the phones system started dropping calls and falling on and off the internet.

The Millennium Group had designed and installed the VoIP technology, as well as the network and servers.  Andy Pizer trusted his equipment but knew he had to reverse engineer the problem to insure that nothing was wrong.  His guts said there was a problem with the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and advised everyone of his concerns.  Stress was high for weeks on end as Range’s staff lost calls and endured vulnerabilities.  The Millennium Group crew tripled their efforts, working well over a hundred hours to test and explore every possibility that might be causing periodic failture.  It consumed office time and conversation and every mind in the office was on alert- but to no avail.  No equipment problems could be found.

It had to be the ISP.

It was.  Finally the ISP discovered that the flood of 2013 was still causing damage and some of their lines had been affected by the waters.  The ISP jumped into action and replaced the damaged cabling and amplifier.  Pronto…the problem was solved.

Now that the drama is behind us we can appreciate the event in new ways.  The Whannels stayed kind to us throughout the ordeal, despite the anxiety it had caused.  They seemed to understand that we were truly in their corner. Another company would have lost faith and blamed us out of frustration and anger.  Lisa and Gene Whannel did not.

And what did we learn?  It didn’t matter that we knew we were right and that the problem was not on our end.  It was our responsibility to hang in, regardless of the hours or lost income.  It was our responsibility to let Range Property know they would not be abandoned.

We knew we were partnered in spirit.  And it is that knowledge that keeps Range Property as a valued client.  We now provide them with Managed IT and we will continue to work with them to help them grow their business.

In the end, everyone succeeded.  We simply did right by each other.

It’s not about technology.  It’s about people.