Security and Protection

Sometimes you need the eye of an eagle

Network Security

Managing IT security is an ongoing process. Data is the heart of any business, and compromises are unacceptable. Our security solutions rely on best-practices, years of experience, and monitoring that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To ensure data is free from compromise, Millennium Groups technicians know what to do in case of a security breach, and more importantly, how to prevent one.

Millennium Group offers an array of security services with multiple layers of protection to keep data secure. We start with a careful review of your system and practices and we are able to diagnose how secure a network is, and what should be done to improve the security system.

Security Management

Security Policies – IT security starts with defined security policies. We will help you create security policies tailored to meet the organization’s needs.

Access Management – Allow access to the network resources only for those authorized. From password management to access control lists, Millennium Group ensures that network access is configured appropriately at all points of entry to the network.

Content Filtering – Be certain that inappropriate or offensive material does not enter the network. We can restrict access to non-business related web sites, and prevent e-mail with undesirable content from entering or leaving the network.

E-mail Security – Block email attacks before they enter the server, so that the organization in never affected. Most security threats such as viruses, spam, or malicious code enter the network via e-mail.

Cylence Cyber Security – Cylence is the first company to apply artificial intelligence, algorithmic science and machine learning to cyber security and improve the way companies, governments, and end users proactively solve the world’s most difficult security problems.  We are pleased to offer this innovative software to small and mid-sized businesses and end users.  Learn More.


Loveland computer network security and protection
Camera Surveillance 

The luxury of ignoring the need for security is long gone. Collectively we understand that a video surveillance system can protect our home, property, families, employees, and customers. Security camera systems are even mandatory in many industries and precaution and protection is expected.

We take the eagle’s eye approach and learn where and what you really need. We design the system, run the cabling, and install the surveillance coverage where you actually need it. We insure your monitoring is broadcast everywhere you want it and on any device you use. Whether you are on your premise, at home, or on a vacation, remote monitoring can occur on smartphones, PCs, Macs, laptops and tablets.

We are good at relieving your worries.