Computers can be prickly. Give the stress to us.

Virus Removal | Data Recovery | Hardware and Software Repair

It doesn’t matter if it’s a home computer or 800 workstations on a network. We cure, mend, restore, and recover. We’re darn good computer therapists.

The tangible difference between ours and theirs: We don’t work in the clouds or out of our basement. We’re not like the big chains that take your computer, plug it into a back room and let overseas techs work on it in a dark sweat room. And we certainly are not your neighbor who thinks he knows all about computers.

We get to know you and your computer. We remember its history. We are experts by training, certification, and countless hours of hands-on experience solving software and hardware problems. Our tech room is designed for clean and efficient work and our remote technology allows us to solve mysteries thousands of miles away.

We’re personally invested in your success. The difference is in the details.

Oh, did we mention that if you can get on the internet, we can help you remotely, wherever you are in the world?