Outsourcing business IT to managed services provider (MSP)

Outsourcing Business IT to Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Is Outsourcing the Solution?

Are you considering employing a Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) for your business? Wondering what is IT support and how Managed Services could benefit your business? Questioning whether it’s a cost-effective solution? We have the answers for you. In this article we will explore the differences between recruiting an in-house IT team and outsourcing business IT to a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

Employing an IT Team

The traditional route is to employ your own IT staff or form an internal IT department. Depending on your business size and complexity, your IT department’s purpose is to oversee and manage all your IT functions. But let’s get a better look at what’s involved.

First, there is the whole recruiting process to consider – placing job ads and headhunting to find the right candidates. This process itself attracts a considerable cost, not to mention time investment. You can, of course, use a recruiter, or you can manage the recruitment process yourself. Doing it yourself might be a cheaper option, but the lost time is a significant factor to consider.

Then, there’s the interview process. The questions around pay expectations, whether they will get along with other coworkers, how long they will stay with your business, and of course – how skilled and effective they are at doing their job. The experience and skill levels can vary significantly from one candidate to another.  As they say- one person’s strength can be another’s weakness.

Most commonly, salary and staffing costs are the biggest expenses that most businesses will endure. No matter the angle we look at this, employing IT staff internally is an expensive option. So, what are the other options?

Outsourcing Business IT

There are countless advantages to outsourcing business IT. One of the main benefits is that the Managed Services Provider does all the hiring for you. This means that you save on recruitment, interviewing, ad campaigns, and everything else in between. Outsourcing is also much more convenient – we are yet to meet a business owner who loves spending their time dealing with IT issues!

Another reason more companies are choosing to outsource their business IT requirements is the level of expertise that Managed IT Service Providers bring to the table compared to traditional in-house IT teams. Traditional IT staff can often lack the experience or level of knowledge required to turn a critical situation around quickly enough. When you outsource to a Managed Services Provider, the likelihood of downtimes or other IT related compromises are considerably reduced. It has to do with the fact that Managed Service Providers have one primary purpose – they are serving your business. Managed Service Providers can respond to situations faster and more efficiently.

The biggest benefit of outsourcing business IT is one that is often overlooked – time. Indeed, you could argue that stress is equally big of a factor; however, time is one thing that we can’t get back.  One could say that time is one of the most valuable resources any business has, and wasted time cannot be restored. Lost time is lost opportunity, lost growth, revenue, and potential.  If there should be one reason to persuade you that outsourcing business IT is the right choice, it should be the benefit of saved time. Many of our clients are often pleasantly surprised when they realize that this is the case and wonder why they didn’t think of outsourcing sooner. It begs the question – why spend your time and effort on things like computer issues, maintenance, backups, and security when you can get an expert to do it all for you?

If you are a business owner currently weighing up the benefits of outsourcing business IT to a Managed Services Provider versus employing an IT team, make sure you speak to our team (970) 663-1200.