Murphy’s Resort in Estes Park | Millennium Group Web Design

Murphy’s Resort is worthy of its tagline ‘Your playground in the Mountains’ and its managers, Bruce and Loretta Hetke make sure of it.

Murphy’s Resort’s mission is simple: we want to serve you while you are in nature’s playground.

We are attuned to assisting travelers and families in making the most out of their mountain sojourns. Our Estes Park resort offers affordable lodging, pools and playgrounds, private grills for home cooking, comfy beds and clean rooms with all the amenities for a sweet stay in the mountains. Complimentary breakfast to start your day and wonderful views to welcome cool evenings are partnered with a caring and competent staff that wants your stay to be nourishing and uplifting.

The MG team admires the Murphy’s crew and we have done our best to take care of them as they grow their hospitality properties.   Pat and Melynn Murphy have created Murphy’s River Lodge and Murphy’s Resort in the last few years and each of the hotels are popular and always popping with activities and services to offer Rocky Mountain visitors.  The Millennium Group has provided them with their technology requirements and installed their WiFi, VoIP telephony, Security Systems as well as building and maintaining their computers and servers.

We just finished their new web design at Murphy’s Resort, complete with a filmed “Home’ page that represents the good cheer that guests are greeted with when they arrive.  The entire staff is delightful and the care and attention they deliver to their guests always amazes us.  Loretta and Bruce are energetic and always finding ways to improve the physical property and provide engaging ways to insure that visitors feel like family.  Please review their Vacation Rentals that provide beautiful homes for families, companies and friends to share while exploring the mountains.

We’re pleased with the new site, but more importantly, we are darn proud of their hard work and good spirits.  It always feels good to work with good people.  Thanks to each and everyone at Murphy’s Resort.