Community Tech Support Program

Millennium Group Launches Community Tech Support Program

Making Specialist Local Technology Support as Accessible as Possible

Millennium Group has launched a program to support local businesses and communities following the pandemic. Its Community Tech Support Program aims to make specialist local technology support as accessible as possible.

Now more than ever, we need technology. Our way of life has been transformed beyond recognition, and our livelihoods have been impacted as a result. It would be irresponsible to assume that we will be heading back to how things used to be any time soon, if ever. We must prepare ourselves for the economic truth.

While many industries are predicted to adopt modern tools that will enable them to sustain resilience, many sectors such as start-ups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, rural areas, and elderly communities cannot take advantage of the technology revolution.

Millennium Group has listened to the community and the ongoing challenges. Technology is an enabler that can solve many of the issues our communities are currently facing. Therefore, the team is proud to announce the launch of a Support Program to help local businesses and communities across Northern Colorado get better connected.

“This year has been incredibly challenging for local businesses and communities, and they are going to need significant help to rebuild. Our Community Tech Support Program will be providing an extensive range of support from significantly discounted IT services to free computer help sessions and mentorship. We must do everything we can to use the tools and expertise we have available to facilitate better digital connection for our communities.”

Andy Pizer – CEO, Millennium Group

The launch of Millennium Group’s Community Tech Support Program introduces a range of new plans to make technology tools and local IT support as accessible as possible for everyone, not leaving any area behind. The project will deliver all IT services at a significantly discounted rate with financial flexibility to eligible non-profits or those who have been hit the hardest.

The Support Program Includes:

– Help with establishing fast, reliable, and safe internet connectivity

– Help with building functioning Websites

– Help with creating Graphic Designs

– Help with accessing Digital and Social Media advertising

– Help with telephone and video conferencing

– Help with IT troubleshooting

– Help with acquiring new digital skills through mentorship

– Free Computer Help Sessions every Friday

– Financial flexibility

To learn more about the program and apply, click here.To book a free computer help session, click here.