MG Website Picks for 2014

As often as possible we explore the web to find sites doing captivating things.  Here is our list at the end of a very lively but strange year in the world.  The holidays always offer a few hours to do a little personal exploraton.  Grab them and get lost for a while. – Jinx – There are millions already stumbling and now that I signed up I understand why.  StumbleUpon is a content discovery tool tailored to your personal interests. Try it out and you’ll most likely be impressed by what you find. The latest redesign integrates brand channels, lists and a “StumbleUpon DNA” in an effort to make the site more customizable.  The home page of this search engine states it simply.  You let them know the ideas and things you are interested in and they dig up all kinds of intriguing things from the internet.  “An epic journey” is how one stumbler defines the experience.  It’s better than the college librarian I once had. – Here’s an interesting little site that post things like a 3D pen, made by a man in Boston that can write plastic words, shapes or numbers in the air.  All kinds of things live on Bozgo and you can find them by telling them your interest. – Search by subject matter and uncover incredible photos, events, documents and documents.  Content added daily and I promise your curiosity about life will increase with every visit. – Daily content that is curated and fresh that began six years ago as a magazine.  With a worldwide audience, Snap offers up some amazing information and images that include cloud gazing, Mr. Men characters reimagined for Millennials, single stroke artworks and lampshades made from real loaves of bread.  Regardless of the subjects you pick, you will be fascinated by what the world is doing. – Art, design and visual culture that will keep you in touch with work going on all over the world.  It doesn’t matter if you were previously interested in the world’s visual culture before you visited the site or not- it is likely you will become fascinated after a few minutes. – The largest collection of video stories about women on the internet.  MAKERS is a digital and video storytelling platform that aims to be the most dynamic collection of women’s stories ever assembled. Through original interviews, MAKERS brings together well-known figures such as Hillary Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Oprah Winfrey, with the trailblazers that need to be known such as Christy Haubegger, the founder of Latina Magazine and Kathrine Switzer, the first women to run the Boston Marathon. launched in 2012 with the stories of 100 groundbreaking women. In 2013, MAKERS premiered the documentary, MAKERS: Women Who Made America, telling the story of the modern American women’s movement for the first time on television. The film aired on PBS to 4.3 million viewers and trended #1 on Twitter worldwide when it premiered. – An online magazine for the global citizen.  And it’s good. – Tech, design and science stories and products that prove just how far we’ve come. – Here’s what Time magazine says about this quiet site:  “This endlessly scrolling art site’s been around for at least five years, but it’s still going strong as a way to let your mind melt for a while. But Does It Float is mindful enough to get out of the way, with short descriptions (“In one way or another, we’re all anchored to the book”) preceding works that often stretch beyond the length of the screen. Whether you like the art or not, you’ve got to appreciate the gallery.” – Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breach.  Just type in your email addresses and it lets you know if your account has been breached.  Need a hotel with fast wi-fi?  This site has you covered.  You can find hotels with great Wi-Fi and test those you are already visiting. – A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services.  Many companies use dark pattern techniques to make it difficult to find how to delete your account. aims to be a directory of urls to enable you to easily delete your account from web services. -Planning a trip?  You plug in your route, and the site will point out what you should do and see along the way. Roadtrippers caters to lots of interests, from sightseeing to eating, and includes curated descriptions of your path’s hidden gems. When you’re done planning, you can load the app on your phone for quick access from the road. – It’s hard pulling away from Amazon but the reasons are growing.  Scribd’s mission: READ LIKE YOU OWN EVERY BOOK IN THE WORLD.  Unlimited e-books & audiobooks · Unparalleled discovery · Any device · $8.99/month.  I’m going to sign up so if I’m not at the office I’ll be by the fireplace, reading. – Don’t rush to the store before making a meal.  Let Supercook unlock the potential of your pantry and fridge and come up with the ideas.  Save money and help the environment by fully utilizing the ingredients you already have. – There is a new wave of ‘explainer’ sites and Vox is great at explaining big news stories and providing excellent background information so that our poor minds can begin to comprehend what is happening in the world. – You may already be getting your daily dose of Upworthy, but if not, it is worth your time.  What is it?  Things that matter.  Pass ’em on.  Their mantra is ‘sharing is caring’.  Their content is inspirational, shareable and well produced.  It’s running strong and it is not even a year old. – Get a visual summation of complicated matters from the non de Web ChartGirl.  She delivers substance and an attitude and she truly helps you understand the patterns of our insanity. – Sweet.  NPR provides a way to discover music and lets you “HEAR UPCOMING ALBUMS IN THEIR ENTIRETY’.  Brilliant.  Uncluttered.  And the farthest thing from YouTube.– Over 47,000 neighborhoods across the U.S. use Nextdoor.  Real-world neighbors on a protected social network.  Need a cup of sugar?  Need to share a hard day on the corner?  This site lets you share useful ideas, thoughts and things with your local vicinity.  It takes a village, right?  This project is doing a fine job of combating the lousy news the media pushes out in sound bites.  Narratively sets a different theme each week and publishes one in-depth local story a day around that idea. Its strategy is designed to “slow down the news cycle” and focus on stories about people you don’t hear about every day.  Text is broken up by bold, full-screen images and mini-documentaries to take full advantage of the innovative possibilities of Internet storytelling. – We hope you are already aware of the crowdsourcing sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.  This site lets you keep track of the products funded and features only Kickstarter and Indiegogo products that are either available for purchase or preorder.