Life is Art… so is technology

Our days can be hectic and technology can be a harsh and mysterious beast. Watching these great artists at our office reminds us that you can solve some of lifes problems by creating stunning beauty.

At the Millennium Group we get to live with great art every day, thanks to Stalin Tafura and several members of the incredible Nyanhongo family.  For over a decade Stalin Tafura, Collen Nyanhongo, Gedion Nyanhongo, Brain Nyanhongo and Agnes Nyanhongo (all prominent sculptors from Zimbabwe’s Shona Sculpture Movement) have been our honored friends.  We like to call them our artists in residence and for years we have been able to witness Stalin and Collen carving at our office. 

Stalin’s new pieces blow us away. Please keep your eye on his work, large or small and know that we care deeply for both his artistry and his person. If you have not walked Loveland’s Chapungu Sculpture Park in Centerra, make it your mission. It is a world class garden with work from Stalin’s mother, Agnes Nyanhongo and his uncles.