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It’s Not Always Easy to be Thankful – Offering Thanks from Millennium Group

This Thanksgiving many families and friends will gather.  Food will be bountiful in many households, yet no doubt sparse in others. Disagreements may be plentiful, too. Uncertainty may hang over ladened tables, yet good cheer and heartfelt embraces may triumph.

It is not always easy to feel thankful.  It is difficult to will ourselves to feel grateful, less unsettled, depressed or even happy.  It is difficult for nations, as well as individuals.

Our emotions follow from the way we look at the world, the impressions we hold about the way things are, the way we perceive things should be, and the distance between the two points.

It is between these two points that it is wise to seek gratitude.

Those of us at the Millennium Group is cultivating an attitude of gratitude as we witness a valued staff member enduring a tumultuous illness.

We are thinking of loved ones as well as strangers facing unimaginable challenges.
We are keeping our minds on serving our clients and celebrating new business relationships.
We are acknowledging the hard work, good spirits and diligence of our co-workers.
We are also keeping a whole world within our meager sights and we are not taking anything for granted.  

Thanksgiving was birthed from hard, hard times.  The first gathering took place after half of the pilgrims died from cold, diseases, poor nutrition, and inadequate shelter. In the midst of a Civil War that divided a nation, it was declared a national holiday in 1863 and its date was finalized following the wounds of the Great Depression.

Thanksgiving allows us to remember how humans make it out of the dark.  It gives us clues as to how to cope with crisis, loss, suffering, and change.  It offers us a ritual in which to ponder and praise the mysteries of life.

Being grateful is a choice we are trying to make each day at the Millennium Group.  It offers us a perspective from a much larger ecology than our own personal trials and tribulations. Gratitude allows us to not be overwhelmed by temporary circumstances.

It quietly whispers to us and affirms our self-worth.

We hope that each of us may look beyond the good things that surround us.  Strive to harness gratitude for the energetic power it has to serve a changing, conflicting and often confusing world.

It is our hope that each of you will break bread with others this Thanksgiving.  Take a break from our collective addiction to technology and make your communications real. Listen to others and search their eyes…and express your gratitude out loud.

Thank you.  Each of you.

Millennium Group
It’s not about technology.  It’s about people.