Drone photography and video

Introducing – Professional Drone Services

We are excited to be able to announce that we are now offering professional drone services.

The Power of Video

We have watched in excitement how the world has gradually learned the value of video content during the past few years. It is reported that approximately 4.6 billion people around the globe have access to and use the internet, with one third of those people regularly using video platforms such as YouTube. Every day, a colossal total of 500 million hours of video content is consumed worldwide. According to experts, we absorb up to 95% of the information as opposed to only 10% when reading text. Video has enabled us to entertain, engage and build relationships.

A New Way of Delivering Business Messages

In the next few years, the video will be aiming for the stars. The big giants are already using drone technology to increase work efficiency and productivity. However, many more industries are expected to completely revolutionize how they conduct marketing with drone photography and video. The use of aerial footage is shifting towards an entirely new way of delivering business messages. Drone services enable businesses to connect with their customers from a hybrid angle. Quite literally. It’s such a powerful tool that it serves as the best sales presentation. Drone videography is able to connect to audiences in ways that conventional video, imagery, or copywriting never could.

Limitless Perspective 

Here at Millennium Group, we are always growing. We are passionate about technology and how it can transform the way we do business. Still, our main passion is people. We always aim to inspire and shape the world of tomorrow. Together.

This is why we are bringing together the best technology and information to help our customers grow in this continuously changing world. Our drone services are a perfect solution for those who wish to up their content game. We will help you refine your ideas and create engaging, eye-catching imagery and footage to catch customers’ attention. 

Gain the edge on your competitors with a new vantage point. 


Our Drone Services Include:
◦ Aerial photography
◦ Drone video
◦ Video Editing
◦ Photo Editing
◦ Hyperlapse videos
◦ Panoramic videos

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