boy playing violin in recital hall

Honor the Unfinished Work – Business as a Process

When I was in graduate school in theater, we were taught a cardinal rule:  Honor the process and do not strive for the endgame. When you are developing a dramatic character, directing a play, choreographing a dance or producing a film – it is essential to honor the process.

Essentially, art, life and business are always an ‘unfinished work’.

This concept applies profoundly when we are experiencing stressful or awkward times with co-workers, employees, clients, finances and other business challenges.  Honor process and somehow, all is well.

Think of business as an artistic laboratory, an incubator where works-in-progress are shown to an audience, often for the first time. The audience (your clients) is invited to offer feedback on the production in the midst of the artist’s sometimes messy creative process.
In other words, honor the conversation between audience and artist…and trust the process.  It is a simple concept but it can feel quite awkward and difficult. It is wise to remind yourself to keep on giving generously of yourself.  Don’t concern yourself with what your competition may be doing.  Stop competing to get something.

Whenever we’re trying to succeed at anything—going for a promotion, getting funding or closing the sale, we become attached to the outcome. That focus on a future we can’t control stops us fulfilling our potential in the moment.  We don’t win by trying to beat our competition. We triumph and thrive when we are motivated to do our best work, irrespective of what the competition is doing. – The Story of Telling