Henry’s Pub- Loveland’s living room shared by a neighborhood

A Pub is not always a Pub…and a customer is not always a client

Maybe Bryan Jones, the congenial owner of Henry’s Pub in downtown Loveland, Colorado, doesn’t need to talk about his vision of a pub for the simple reason that he’s practiced it seamlessly for a decade. There is an historical and time honored significance in naming your establishment a pub and not all pubs are pubs.  In my opinion you don’t dare misuse the name ‘pub’.  Bryan Jones doesn’t.

A true pub is a place of focus for a community.  It offers casual atmosphere for spending languid periods of time with soothing, unobtrusive music to spoil the prospect of stimulating conversation or debate.  All true pubs offer an affordable luxury where you can enjoy a drink or two in the company of like-minded souls, or maybe just spend some quiet time in the corner, malt to hand, perusing the paper and listening to the gentle ebb and flow of conversation.  Pubs must be vibrant and friendly and full of character- a place you can feel immediately at home in.  Pubs are essential because they are some of the last vestiges of sociability that we have left in the world.

While the history of pubs can be traced back to Roman taverns, through the Anglo-Saxon alehouse to the development of the modern tied house system in the 19th century, they do not always feel authentic in America. They are not simply bars or restaurants but a place that offers a menu of filling meals with a keen awareness of craft beer and fine drinks for friends that gather around to discuss politics, philosophy and the foolishness of life, without bright lights or slick reminders of the busy modern world.

Bryan Jones and his fine staff understand this and they do a fine job of making Henry’s Pub a place of purpose and spirit for people of all backgrounds to gather and break bread. We live in an age of minimal interaction with others and few public places to meet new people or have earnest conversation.  Henry’s Pub is Loveland’s living room shared by a neighborhood where the ancient art of conversation can still be found.

They are also a respected client of the Millennium Group.  We earnestly enjoy serving both Henry’s Pub and its sister establishment, the Sports Station American Grill, which opened in 2006 after revitalizing the 1902 historic train station in downtown Loveland, CO.  The staff at both establishments mirror the values and spirit of their physical locations and serve to make downtown Loveland a significant place in our city.

It is our pleasure to serve the technology needs of these establishments. It also satisfies us greatly when we walk through their doors and are met with a spirit of community.  The Millennium Group offers kudos to Bryan Jones, his staff and his two delightful establishments for making Loveland their home and for making us feel like old friends. – Jinx

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