Colorado Youth Outdoors- Nature Meets Nurture

To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today
– Anonymous

In 2001 Bob and Tom Hewson instinctively knew what research outlined: families who find ways to be outdoors together nurture not only their bodies, but their connection to all of life — and to each other.  They understood that kids who spend time outside in nature are calmer, happier, healthier, less likely to be overweight, better students, more creative and more connected to their families.  The Hewsons also recognized that the nature of childhood had changed and there’s not much nature in it any more.  American kids have moved indoors during the last twenty years.  Bob and Tom wanted to change that and so they began an after school program to get parents and teens into nature to experience traditional outdoor recreation.

Much has changed since 2001.  Colorado Youth Outdoors is now a vital and growing 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to building healthy relationships between kids and their parents through traditional outdoor recreation. CYO’s regional outdoor education facility has served more than 50,000 children and parents from Cheyenne south to Colorado Springs with programs that engage and noursish families and mentors in outdoor activities. Thanks to a strong board of directors and skillful instructors and staff members, parents and teens experience fly fishing, trap shooting, fly tying, archery, spin fishing, camping, orienteering, survival skills and more.

All of this and more is happening right in our own backyard.  If you visit Colorado Youth Outdoors‘s  website, we know you will be as impressed as we are with their mission and its execution.

The Millennium Group has had the pleasure of watching CYO develop and we are gratified to serve them. We manage their IT, build them custom computers and help prepare them for the future.

We earnestly admire their work and encourage our clients to consider volunteering as a mentor for the many teens who do not have parents that can join them for the outdoor activities.  In 2008, CYO acquired Swift Ponds, a 240-acre urban outdoor education facility located just east of I-25 between Windsor and Fort Collins.  In 2013 CYO announced a $2.5 million Momentum is Building Capital Campaign to build the Richardson Hall, an 8,500 sq ft CYO Education Center at Swift Ponds.  Momentum is building and if you are able to assist them in any regard, please do.  Bob Hewsom is CYO’s Executive Director.  He’s not only easy to speak with but he’s a mighty fine fellow.  Indeed, they all are.

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