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More Choices & Less Trust – The Marketing Challenge

It is the day after the US Presidential election.  Time to pause and think.

Marketing exists because we have more choices than we need and less trust than we want. – The Story of Telling

We tend to think of marketing as the thing we do last when we’re ready to close the sale—the tactics we employ and activities we undertake to convince the customer, tell our story or describe our value. It turns out that every decision we make is marketing. Everything we do (long before people are ready to make a choice) gives them reasons to care about or choose this over that, us over them.

Each of us at the Millennium Group is thinking about choices and trust.  We’re thinking diligently about what it means for ourselves, our company and our nation.  Marketing doesn’t need to have a negative connotation.  Instead, it needs to be thought of as every decision we make.