Millennium Group’s ‘inspired’ blog provides a selection of reflections and musings on a variety of technology related topics.

Here at Millennium Group we pride ourselves on delivering more than just IT services. We recognize how technology affects every part of business operations and life in general. As a local IT services provider in Loveland, CO we want to make sure that we deliver connection to our communities. Our business is technology, but our passion is people. Everything we do is orbits around our customers and our communities. This is why our inspired blog section often covers topics that fuel human connections.


Developing Technology Trends to Watch

Developing Technology Trends to Watch

Technology is accelerating at a rapid speed. According to entrepreneur…
Why Productivity Hacks Are Not Enough

Why Productivity Hacks Are Not Enough

Organizations spend a lot of time and effort searching for ‘winners’…
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Fun Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Loveland, Northern Colorado

Mother’s Day provides us with a great opportunity to put our…
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