Blackhawk Lodge in Estes Park | Millennium Group Web Design

The Millennium Group has been working with Randy and Teresa Hanle for years.  We like to stop by their property on Fall River Road in Estes Park every now and then, checking on their Wi-Fi system and idly chatting.  It makes us remember why mountain retreats are important and why the Randy and Teresas of the world are always conjured up from the back of our minds when we need a little comfort. It’s not hard to explain:  you wander in and they make you feel like you are a long lost cousin. Indeed, you are family when you stay at Blackhawk Lodge in Estes Park. Add caring little amenities, looming pines, the smell of an outdoor fire and the giggling, gurgling waters of Fall River and you’ve got yourself an authentic mountain retreat complete with your own little cabin.

Blackhawk Lodge is indeed the quintessential mountain retreat.  Their online reviews reflect it all:

Things we liked:
– Great value
– Nice little kitchen
– Well equipped kitchen (dishes, utensils, etc)
– Friendly and goodhearted innkeepers
– Beautiful area
– Perfect location (halfway between Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes Park)
– Wildlife in the area
– Clean cabins and facility
– Very comfortable bed
– Petunias lining the window sills
– Old fashioned screen door that lets the breeze come into the cabin
– Cable TV
– Nice riverside chairs
– Comfortable chairs in front of the cabin
– Guests share things (ketchup, mustard, etc) with each other through the innkeepers

If you stay at this place, you won’t regret it. It’s perfect for a couple who want to get away. If you’re like us, you might extend your stay just cause you like it so much. The innkeepers are very nice. Take it easy on them by cleaning up after yourself as much as you can.

It is easy to care about Randy and Teresa Hanley and it’s easy to stand in front of one of their cabins and take a deep breath.  It grounds you.  It dismisses the silly chatter in the mind.  It slows down the contamination of the anxiety we carry.  It gives weight and meaning to simple words like good, nature and homey.

That’s why we were pleased we could give their old HTML website a new face.  The new website is live now, and although we still have to replace old photos with the brand spankin’ new look of their cabin’s present interiors, we like the feel the sites gives us.  We’re hoping it does the spirit of Randy and Teresa and their sweet lodges the justice they deserve.

Take a peek at the new site.  Then take a drive and escape for a weekend.  It will do you a world of good.