Benefits of Local IT Support

With the world shifting to remote workplaces more rapidly than ever before, you may be considering outsourcing IT support for your small to medium-sized business. After all, hiring a managed IT service can save you money compared with an in-house tech support team, and you can work with experts with a vast array of experience at their fingertips from working with many different clients.

With remote work becoming more and more mainstream, it may feel like there are too many IT services from which to choose. With the help of the internet, you could use an IT service from a different city, state, or country, right?

While it is possible to outsource your IT support from a different location, there are several reasons why choosing managed IT services in your region can be beneficial.

On-Site Availability

Of course, if you outsource your technical support needs, you won’t be able to talk to your tech team over the cubicle walls. You’ll communicate primarily through phone calls and emails, which you can accomplish anywhere. The important thing is to ensure that your IT company will pick up the phone when you call. Here at Millennium Group, we answer our phones so that you’ll get to talk to a real person about your IT problem right away. No pressing 1 or 2 or talking to a robot.

One problem with distant IT support arises on those rare but crucial occasions when you need someone on-site to diagnose or fix a problem. When these occasions occur, you’ll be grateful to be working with a business that can send someone to your office quickly to solve the problem.

Personal Touch

While your technical support team focuses on technology, there should be an individual component to your relationship. At Millennium Group, “Our business is technology. Our passion is people.” Our customers are always our priority. Our polite, personable team is happy to help with all your tech needs, large or small. You are more likely to find this kind of personal care at a local IT company versus a potentially larger, more distant one.

Local Knowledge

A local IT service will be more aware of your local rules, regulations, and challenges. They are more likely to know about issues affecting businesses in your area and how to remedy them. For example, if a weather system moves in and causes outages, your local IT experts will know what to do.


One significant benefit of local managed IT is that your IT support is in the same time zone. If you hire managed IT services from a different state or even country, their providers may not be on the clock when your technical issues arise, leaving you to scramble to get things running again.

The Best of Both Worlds

The bottom line is that local technical support can provide all the savings and expertise of outsourced IT and the personal touch and availability that you would get with an in-house team.

We know that local IT support isn’t always an option, especially if your business has multiple locations. With Millennium Group, you can get these benefits even if you have offices in other regions. If in-person service is needed, we will find a tech team near you that meets our high customer service and IT expertise standards and send a team member to your location who will provide the hands-on help you need to get things runn

If you’re looking for a managed IT service located in Northern Colorado, look no further! Millennium Group is based in Loveland and is here for all your IT needs. Call us at (970) 663-1200. We answer our phones!