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Urgent Need for Disaster Plans – New Ransomware Threats

January 5, 2017 by Jinx Davis Christmas and New Year were devastating for several of our business clients and Andy Pizer and the staff spent the holidays working. Due to these events we beg, plead and urge you to understand the destruction that cybercrime and disaster may bring to your company and/or your personal data […]

The Gift of Connection

Millennium Group’s Seasonal Ruminations ( and a little video, too) by Jinx Davis and Andy Pizer We were tardy to think about Christmas this year.  Holiday activities are easier to discard with age and there are no children in our immediate life that prompt us to shop, decorate and create magical moments. Instead, we are letting […]

More Choices & Less Trust – The Marketing Challenge

It is the day after the US Presidential election.  Time to pause and think. Marketing exists because we have more choices than we need and less trust than we want. – The Story of Telling We tend to think of marketing as the thing we do last when we’re ready to close the sale—the tactics […]

Honor the Unfinished Work – Business as a Process

When I was in graduate school in theater, we were taught a cardinal rule:  Honor the process and do not strive for the endgame. When you are developing a dramatic character, directing a play, choreographing a dance or producing a film – it is essential to honor the process. Essentially, art, life and business are […]

Color Blindness – How an App Created Empathy for a Co-worker

“Is this one green, or brown?” my colleague asked me under the yellow light of a networking cabinet. The cables he had pried apart in his fingers were faded with age, and under the tint of the aging bulb, even I had to squint to make sure I wasn’t giving him the wrong information. We […]

The Challenge of Staying Relevant

Can we change? Jinx Davis, Millennium Group He was elderly; probably well into his 80’s.  He arrived at the office with a cart of filthy computers, old printers, and a wad of power cords.  He wanted us to work on the computers and make one of them connect to a printer.  I glanced at the […]

The Sounds of Technology are Deafening

Time to Think Jinx Davis, Millennium Group I’m in a constant state of distraction and I am hungry for time to think.  Actually, I am screaming. In the old days, which were just a few years ago, I could think while waiting in line at the post office or grocery store.  Now I am bombarded […]

Wagging Our Tongues- Notes on Gossip & the Internet

The internet is full of gossip from Facebook, trolling and even much of our alleged news. How we think about the notion of gossip determines the actions we take online.  Towards a more civil online conversation, please consider these thoughts. – Jinx Davis We all gossip.  Now that the obvious has been stated, what does […]