woman at desktop after pc optimization

5 Tips to Optimize Your PC Performance

Listen, we get it. Computer repair is not your thing. As long as it’s running properly, you don’t think much about it. Yet, when your computer doesn’t work, it causes major stress. Don’t wait until computer repair is your only option.

PC maintenance is like changing the oil every 3,000 miles on your car. It can prolong the functionality of your computer.

Here, the TOP FIVE PC maintenance tasks YOU can do to keep your computer, and yourself, happy.

The Five: Your PC Checklist

Technical Support for YOU!

  1. Your PC is a senior citizen at between 4 and 5 years. Get the hard drive replaced to extend the life of your machine.
  2. Create restore points to safeguard against update mishaps. System restore points are crash prevention, plain and simple.
  3. Your Wi-Fi card could be creating Internet speed issues. Internet speeds are lightning fast now and some Wi-Fi cards are just out of date or too old. If you’re experiencing slowdowns, it could be as simple as changing out your Wi-Fi card, an inexpensive solution.
  4. Used compressed air to clean your hardware. Cleaning out dust and grime will keep your computer parts running smoothly and prevent dirt and debris from “gumming up the works” and overheating.
  5. The key to efficiency is data organization and deletion. Folder and File standardization should be followed. It matters where you put everything and how you aggregate your information, and how often you empty your trash!