Google Search Gets an AI Upgrade: Find What You Need Faster

In Early May, Google announced its latest update to Search, and it has caused some excitement in the tech world.  While still experimental, Google has begun allowing users to test its new generative AI Search, Search Generative Experience, or SGE.

This doesn’t mean that AI is taking over the Search Console or that Google is getting a new appearance. The goal is to allow users to search more specific queries such as “What’s better for a family with kids under three and a dog, Bryce Canyon or Arches,” rather than piecing it into more minor questions and collecting the information themselves.

The new Search system also allows for an easy shopping experience, digging through thousands of products and stores so the user doesn’t have to.

It appears similar to Google’s Bard or Chat GPT in appearance and use. It can be conversational. If users have follow-up questions or want more information, they can “Ask a follow up” in the box below the generative AI response and create a conversation. Say a user was shopping for a bike and asked, “What is the best bike for a 5-mile commute in a city,” the AI responded alongside shopping listings and suggestions for what to consider while shopping. If they were looking for a red e-bike bike, they could ask a follow-up in the prompted box.

Google is taking leaps and bounds to make their console easier to use, from shopping to information gathering. Some pieces, such as simple navigational queries, news, or recipes, will function similarly. This may change in the future, but it is in testing mode. At Millennium Group, we have already joined the waitlist to test it in Search Labs.

Featured image is generated by Dream by WOMBO