Curved Vs Flat Monitors

Curved Vs Flat Monitors

Deciding which monitor to choose for your home PC is quite the choice. When it comes to computer monitors, you have many options, but the main starting point is whether you want a flat monitor or a curved monitor.

A flat monitor is a traditional choice and what most people are used to owning. It is less expensive for larger screen sizes on a flat monitor. Curved monitors typically cover a person’s peripheral vision, so a curved screen of the same size will appear more prominent. Curved monitors offer a better color profile depending on the work you are trying to perform.

It would be best to consider the refresh rate when discussing gaming, not work-related performance. Typically a flat monitor is cheaper and easier to obtain a higher refresh rate when compared to a curved monitor. It solely depends on user preference regarding curved vs flat monitors and gaming. The refresh rate is the top deciding factor when buying a gaming monitor. Keep in mind that as the screen size goes up, the refresh gets harder to keep as high as possible.

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