Choosing The Right CPU

Choosing The Right CPU

Choosing the right CPU to fit your build and the motherboard can be challenging. Knowing which CPU chip will fit into the motherboard is something you need to learn when building your computer or replacing parts. On top of that, when building a computer, you must make sure the motherboard, CPU, graphics card, etc. all sync together and will work properly.

Getting a CPU chip and a motherboard to match up is the key to getting a quality platform for your build. One of the big things to keep in mind is the brand of the CPU and the motherboard. For example, an AMD CPU will not work with an Intel motherboard and the reverse order. Your best option is to pick the CPU or the motherboard, then research the best pick to pair with your chosen option. This will ensure that when you set them up, you have clean connections and no issues later down the road.

Another factor to look at when choosing the right CPU is the generation of the chip. The current generation of CPU chips is 12th. The 13th generation will be released later this year. Just because a chip is an i7 or an i9 does not necessarily mean it is better than an i5. Depending on the generation of the two chips, the i5 could be a better-performing chip. This difference is something to keep in mind when selecting your CPU.

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