Wifi & Network Solutions

Wifi & Network Solutions

A robust and reliable internet connection is crucial to keeping your business running efficiently. There are a variety of different network solutions that will allow you to use your computers exactly how you need to.

The most reliable option is to use a CAT-5 cable and run it directly from the modem to the computer. This solution will give you the fastest option for the internet. You can also use a modem or router with built-in wifi that your computer can connect to wirelessly. This option is the most convenient for many people since they don’t have to run any cables. However, wifi will give you a slower network and internet experience.

Another option is a VPN, where your PC remotely accesses another computer, allowing you to work remotely. This is a good solution when an office or workspace is in a different location as the main server. This allows someone to connect to the server as if they were directly in the office.

No matter what your computer needs, there is a network solution that will streamline your needs. If you have more questions regarding wifi and network solutions, please contact us and we will gladly assist you!

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