Battery Backup: Keep Sensitive Technology Running

Battery Backup

A (UPS) Battery Backup is a solid investment for any computer owner. (UPS), Uninterruptible Power Supply allows the power going into the machine to flow clean energy constantly. Even if there is a power outage or a spike, the flow will stay at a constant level for your computer and allow it to perform uninterrupted.

A battery backup’s ability to keep the technology sensitive to a power outage running is a massive benefit. For example, you could hook up a battery backup to a fish tank and never have to worry about issues with the water system because it would always have access to that power. These UPS systems offer an infinite amount of technological possibilities! 

Depending on the model of the battery backup, they can filter the power so that your machine only runs on clean energy. The power that comes in through a standard power outlet is unregulated and prone to power spikes and drops. Your device is engineered to run at a particular power level, and spikes and dips can damage your machine over time. Hooking your device or computer up to a battery backup removes that and maintains a clean flow of energy that is the exact amount it needs to run correctly.

There are a variety of models ranging from in-home use to company-wide server protection. Look at the link on the picture to learn more about battery backups and see a few of the products offered. For any other questions, feel free to call, and we can give you personalized advice regarding power and battery backups! 

If you still have questions, call us, and we can help you figure out what model would work best for you!