Network Installation & Support

Network installation boils down to connection and contact.

A network is a collection of computers and devices that are linked together so people can share resources. We demystify the process so that you get what you need in order to do what you want.

Let us do the heavy work for your Network Installation. We design your system, run the cable, implement the connection between the hardware and cable, build out the domain, share your files and printers, and ensure everything is talking to each other.

We create the connection, you create the conversation.

Wifi Installation – Consulting, Designing & Supporting

“Will they have Wi-Fi when we get there?’


Everyone wants to log onto the internet with laptops, gaming devices, smartphones, pads, and more – wherever they are and wherever they go. If you operate a resort, motel, restaurant, bar, or cafe, the demand for Wi-Fi is fierce. Wi-Fi is now an expected amenity.

Our engineers design and deploy a state-of-the-art, point-point, wireless solution that meets your needs and budget. We don’t walk away when we’re finished. We fine tune it. We work with your staff to understand it and we are there for you when there’s a glitch.

We’re comfortable in the mountains and flatlands;  we’ve even crawled and hiked up massive rock outcroppings to get Wi-Fi right. We provide homes and businesses with secure and reliable internet access day and night wherever you are.

HOw can Wifi Benefit your business?


The good folks at Murphy’s River Lodge and Murphy’s Resort in Estes Park will gladly tell you how important their Wi-Fi system is to their business, and how rapidly we serve them if there is a glitch. We take care of them, so they can take care of their guests.

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Widespread Coverage: The Wi-Fi network allows access from anywhere in the building. This allows a person to take a laptop from an office to the break room without losing network connectivity. It gives access to network resources without needing to hunt around for a free computer.

Offsite Access: Wi-Fi hotspots are appearing in airports, hotels, coffee shops, and restaurants. Some cities are installing municipal wireless networks that allow access anywhere within the city limits. Employees who are traveling to meet with clients can have access to company resources and email wherever they are.

More Efficient Employees: Employees, particularly those who travel, are less likely to experience a dead time when they cannot work. It allows employees to better balance their work and personal lives by giving them more options on when and where they can work.

What is the impact on loyalty, dwell time, and sales due to both customer and associate WiFi access?

The IHL Group Store Infrastructure 2015 Study measured WiFi’s impact on the bottom line and concluded,”In fact, one could argue that WiFi has become so established in Hospitality and many retail establishments that it is almost table stakes. Not only do you get a bump if you have it, but there is an adverse impact on loyalty if you don’t.”

According to the research, deployment of in-store Wi-Fi had the most significant positive impact on retail sales and loyalty of any technology initiative. Almost half of the participating retailers, representing all retail sizes and types, claimed increased customer loyalty due to deploying in-store employee Wi-Fi, with an associated 3.4% increase in sales. One third of retailers (28%) reported increased customer loyalty due to deploying in-store customer Wi-Fi, with an associated 2% increase in sales. These dramatic results point to employee Wi-Fi as an even bigger positive driver than customer Wi-Fi, and highlight the importance of creating a connected, flexible workforce untethered to point-of-sale stations. 21% of retailers also reported an increase in customer dwell time in their stores due to deployment of in-store Wi-Fi. For these same retailers, top uses included traffic counting at 56% and Session Duration and Device Used at 49%.

Additional key findings include:

  • 40% of IT budgets are now allocated to deploying new and innovative systems, compared to historic measures of 15-30% of budget.
  • Nearly 70% of specialty retailers are designing their next Point-of-Sale system based on a central order management system, which will put up to five times more load on the network and will require a WAN infrastructure refresh
  • Per the increased push towards WAN, 34% of participants plan to update their WAN network security within 12 months, and 34% also plan to update their WAN bandwidth optimization to take advantage of changed software architecture and enhanced customer experience options

Devicescape commissioned a similar survey conducted by iGR of 400 U.S. small businesses with retail places of business.  They found that providing free WiFi to customers increases:

  • Foot traffic
  • Amount of money customers spend
  • Time spent on the premises

Read the full report: 2015 Store Infrastructure Study Impact of Store Networks and WiFi on CustomerExperience