About Us

We are your information technology experts.

Since 1990, Andy Pizer has run his IT business with a passion for the innovations we rely on daily and the people who use them. Computers and technology are part of our everyday reality, and it is our job to make sure that technology is working seamlessly for you so you can focus on what matters most.

Our business is technology. Our passion is people.

Learn a little more about our MG Family.

Andy Pizer

Andy started his IT business in 1990, after forging his character in the construction industry. He’s a natural engineer, inventor (see TheNailer.com), and troubleshooter whose impetus has never wavered. He believes in serving people and solving problems. He’s the guy in the red cape who sometimes appears at midnight to salvage a tech calamity caused by a mountain slide. When he’s not wearing his cape he is in his red sports car, gliding the mountain roads. He’s the quintessential self-made man, thanks to a lifetime of hard work, deep challenges and ingenuity.

Marina Dargitz

Marina is wholeheartedly jumping into hardcore tech work, graphic and web design and writing articles, posts and marketing pieces for both our clients and in-house projects. Throw a challenge her direction and she’s on top of it. All this with an academic background in economics and market analysis, which if you know anything about smart young people, makes sense. A recent administrative internship in Shanghai, China allowed her to experience the benefits of cultural exchanges and opened up the worldwide challenge of alleviating orphanage shortages. Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Colorado State University in May 2016, Marina has positioned herself well with an armory of skills, proficiencies, and curiosities that include software writing, graphic design, international relations, language, administration and project coordination. Her enthusiasm and focus are impressive – and we feed off it.

Chuck Werbick

Mix Sherlock Holmes with Dr. Who and you get a glimpse of Chuck Werbick. He describes himself as an avid cross-disciplinarian and the manifestations of this innate intelligence and curiosity can be seen with his many projects and inventions, which range from whimsical motion sensing Jack-O-Lanterns, 3D printing, a hacked up Roland TR-626 drum machine, reconstructed mandolins & bandolins. software projects and even his own Raspberry Pi Distro/Image -an intentionally vulnerable image that is designed to teach people how to ethically hack computers.

Chuck manages network systems, VoIP phone systems and everything in-between. After years of working as a Unix System Administrator and web developer for a government software developer, Chuck moved to Loveland to be near family. We’re mighty pleased he found his way to our office.

Brad Roths

Brad Roths joins the Millennium Group from Dallas, Texas where he worked with Bose Corporation and adeptly handled store management and customer relationships. With years of hard-earned experience in technical support to customers, business operations, employee training, and technology integration of networks, POS and internal customer systems, Brad is well prepared to serve our business clients and join the techs in their constant state of problem-solving. The fact that he is innately gracious, self-aware, curious and charming is some pretty sweet icing on the Millennium Group’s cake.

Marianna Inslee

Marianna Inslee (who everyone calls “M”) joined Millennium Group in July of 2018 as our accounting and administrative assistant. Her background as a financial analyst makes her a vital asset to our team! Look forward to seeing her smiling face when you drop off or pick up your computers. When she’s not at the office she’s off adventuring in the mountains of Colorado as an avid trail runner, hiker, biker, backpacker, rock climber and nature photographer.

Daniel Fink

Daniel Fink is the newest member of the MG Tech Team as of August 2018. Daniel was in the US Army Reserve for six years as a combat engineer and has an IT background in front-end web development and customer service. He looks forward to providing valuable support to our growing customer base! Daniel loves enjoying the outdoors with his wife and dog and checking out the variety of events in Fort Collins.