About Us

We are your information technology experts.

Since 1990, Andy Pizer has run his IT business with a passion for the innovations we rely on daily and the people who use them. Computers and technology are part of our everyday reality, and it is our job to make sure that technology is working seamlessly for you so you can focus on what matters most.

Our business is technology. Our passion is people.

Learn a little more about our family

Andy Pizer

Andy started his IT business in 1990, after forging his character in the construction industry. He’s a natural engineer, inventor (see TheNailer.com), and troubleshooter whose impetus has never wavered. He believes in serving people and solving problems. When he’s not in the office, you can find him in his red sports car, gliding the mountain roads. He’s the quintessential self-made man, thanks to a lifetime of hard work, deep challenges, and ingenuity.

Brad Roths

If the title existed, Brad would be known as Millennium Group’s ambassador. Brad arrived here back when it only consisted of two employees, looking to expand his IT capabilities after spending seven years selling high-end electronics at Bose. Since then, he has played a major role in building the company into what it is today. In his current role, Brad is the person you are most likely to encounter in the field. He also works on server builds, administrative duties, managerial responsibilities, public relations, and the development and installation of voice systems. What drives Brad is the fact that nothing in his line of work is ever the same. On occasions when Brad is away from Millennium Group, he takes pleasure in 3D printing, painting miniatures, and camping.

Chuck Werbick

Mix Sherlock Holmes with Dr. Who and you get a glimpse of Chuck Werbick. He describes himself as an avid cross-disciplinarian and the manifestations of this innate intelligence and curiosity can be seen with his many projects and inventions, which range from whimsical motion sensing Jack-O-Lanterns, 3D printing, a hacked up Roland TR-626 drum machine, reconstructed mandolins & bandolins. software projects and even his own Raspberry Pi Distro/Image -an intentionally vulnerable image that is designed to teach people how to ethically hack computers.

Chuck manages network systems, VoIP phone systems and everything in-between. After years of working as a Unix System Administrator and web developer for a government software developer, Chuck moved to Loveland to be near family. We’re mighty pleased he found his way to our office.

Kevin Bridgman

Kevin was recruited by Millennium Group due to his strong desire to grow. As a self-taught individual, he feels he is learning more by working in the field than spending time in a classroom. Kevin’s daily routine here includes managing in-house system repair for walk-ins, building desktops from scratch, and charming every customer he comes into contact with. All of us count on him for his hardware knowledge—he knows the equipment down to a T and is up-to-date on all the latest releases. In his spare time, Kevin likes chatting about cars, modifying his gaming desktop, and playing Black Ops 4 and Skyrim.